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    Starting from 18th Oct. 2020

    PACKAGE: Live discussion + Model answers + Personal attention and feedback.

    Zoology Optional Online Test Series for UPSC in 2020-21

    Sapiens IAS is the well reputed and renowned coaching institute for UPSC that specializes in “civil services coaching for Zoology in Delhi”. Our institute is famous for being innovative and unique for teaching techniques around the nation. It was founded by Mr. Pradip Sarkar in 2007 who is the director and mentor of Sapiens IAS. He provides his careful guidance to show the right direction to attain their success in making their career as a Civil Servant. Our online classes are also proved beneficial for all those who cannot attend our offline classes and joined our online zoology optional test series for IAS coaching classes. Most of them have passed this exam with flying colors.

    We also provide an opportunity for the students to test their level of preparedness for the examination with the help of our Zoology IFoS mains test series. Our test series aims to provide an overall improvement in their preparation. These test series also develop a sense of confidence among the aspirants so that they are sure of their success in the mains examination without any anxiety. Our “IFoS Zoology optional test series” online is also available so that the students can also attend the test series from their home.

    Zoology Optional Faculty

    Under the mentorship of Mr. Pradip Sarkar, various aspirants have accomplished their dreams of becoming an IAS, IPS or IFS officer come true. He is the best Zoology optional teacher in India and we owe the success of our Zoology IAS coaching centre to our dedicated faculty.


    15+ Years of Experience

    Zoology Optional Test Series Details

    The test series is an essential part of civil services preparation. Zoology test series for IFoS of Sapiens IAS provides a simulated exam environment to the aspirants so that they are better prepared for the real challenge. Our Zoology online test series help to evaluate the performance of aspirants.

    SL. NO.Test DetailsTest NameTest Content Details
    1 Cytology and Genetics (1 and 2 of Paper-2)12:30 PM to 3:30 PM
    2 Ecology, Ethology, Eco Zoology, Bio Stat & Instrumentation (2,3,4,5 And 6 of Paper-1)DO
    3 Physiology And Biochemistry (5 and 6 of Paper-1)DO
    4 Non Chordates (1.a to 1J of Paper-1)DO
    5 Evolution and Embryology(3,4 And 7 of Paper-2DO
    6 Chordates And Comparative Anatomy (1.1 To 1.9 of Paper-1)DO
    7 Cytology Geneties & Evolution (1,2,3 And 4 of Paper-2)DO
    8 Non Chordates And Chordates (1 of Paper-1)DO
    9 Ecology, Ethology, Eco Zoology, Bio Stat & Instrumentation (2,3,4,5 And 6 of Paper-1)DO
    10 Bio-Chemistry, Physiology And Embryology(5,6 and 7 of Paper-2)DO
    11 Paper-1 and Paper-209 AM TO 12 PM ,2PM TO 5PM


    (1) Test series consists of 10 tests – 6 area wise and 4 comprehensive tests. Schedule for which could be collected from our website sapiensias.in

      • (2) Elaborate and complete discussion shall be held after every test.
      • (3) Personal feedback and attention shall be given to the students with properly evaluated test copies.
      • (4) In case, if anyone misses any test discussion which is valuable could be provided with recorded class since our institution is completely digital.
      • (5) Our teacher, Pradip Sarkar himself evaluates test copies; hence, test copies are evaluated reliably.

    Features of our Zoology Test Series

    Sapiens IAS is a major stakeholder in your success. It revolves more around the development of aspirants for the exam and works on grooming the talent within them. Our Zoology coaching for IAS in Delhi has seen an exponential growth towards the horizon with which our institute has become the reason of success for thousands of students. Our IFoS Zoology test series provides an objective evaluation of student’s performance to check the level of preparedness for the examination so that they are better prepared for the real challenge.

    We can provide you with various reasons for choosing Sapiens IAS for Zoology optional coaching in Delhi


    Mr. Pradip Sarkar is a well experienced and dedicated faculty. His highest quality guidance proves to be a constant source of motivation to the students.


    All our classes are renowned for their flexible timings whether they are offline or online coaching classes for Zoology so that no one can miss any of the Zoology classes.


    Our test series are strictly designed according to the latest UPSC examination pattern so that aspirants can compete with the fellow aspirants around the country.


    Our study material consists of every topic mentioned in the Zoology optional syllabus that makes you burden free from reading anything irrelevant.


    Unlike other institutes, Sapiens IAS is known to cover the entire syllabus well before the time so that students can have proper time for revision.


    Do you have any doubt in Zoology? If so, then you need not to worry about that as our faculty is always ready to answer your queries.
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    Our Zoology Test Series Summary

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      Our Popular Courses

      All our courses are designed with a flexible schedule to help students attain success in making their career as a civil servant. We are continuously upgrading our classes using the latest teaching tools and strategies with our “best UPSC online coaching for Zoology optional”. Our courses are well prepared to give in-depth knowledge of zoology optional for IAS IFOS mains exam to the aspirants. These courses are broadly classified as:

      Zoology Offline Class

      We flourish to make classroom experience for an overall personality development of the aspirants and prepare them to excel in their career as a civil servant.

      Zoology Online Class

      Our Zoology online classes proved to be a very effective way of studying Zoology at your home comfort and gain a comprehensive knowledge of the subject.

      Zoology Test Series (Online/Offline)

      Test series is the most important and essential part of UPSC civil services preparation. Therefore, Sapiens IAS provides you with offline/online Zoology optional test series.

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        Online Zoology Videos

        Videos are proved to be the latest method to understand anything better and remember it for a longer time. Therefore, Sapiens IAS is also providing Zoology video lectures for UPSC candidates. These Video lectures for Zoology optional are recorded in a very simple language and are easy to understand to gain comprehensive knowledge of the subject anytime and anywhere. View All

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        Frequently Asked Questions

        Online classes are of extreme importance for all those who cannot go to attend offline classroom programs. Hence, we recommend them to join Sapiens IAS for best UPSC Zoology optional online coaching institute in India as it is a great substitute for Zoology offline classes. It provides quality teaching along with relevant zoology study materials.
        Sapiens IAS is the best source of preparation for Zoology IFoS mains test series. It has been observed that those students who have regularly appeared in our Zoology optional test series have performed mind-blowing in final UPSC Civil Services examination. Many of them have scored 300+ marks and have secured rank in IAS exam below 50.
        There are various books and notes for Zoology optional for UPSC that are available in the market. To prevent your valuable time and money from reading irrelevant material, Sapiens IAS has prepared an accurate study material which contains all the important topics including magazines, journals, case studies etc. according to latest UPSC pattern.
        If you are in a search for the best online Zoology optional test series then Sapiens IAS is the best option for you. It provides meticulously designed UPSC Zoology test series that provides you an opportunity to check your level of preparedness before the mains examination.
        If I have to tell you which is the best Zoology coaching for IAS IFoS exam in Delhi then I would recommend you Sapiens IAS. Unlike others, Sapiens IAS always complete Zoology syllabus well before the final mains examination which is one of the very important factors for any civil services coaching institute.
        You can prepare yourself also if you have effective strategic planning but if you need proper time management, guidance and conceptual clarity Zoology then you should join a good coaching institute. In my opinion, Sapiens IAS is the best UPSC Zoology coaching for civil services exam as it provides complete guidance.
        Zoology is the best optional for those who have a background in Zoology or Life sciences. UPSC always asks straight forward questions in Zoology optional so you need to cover the entire topics of the syllabus. Diagrams will help you in fetching more marks in this subject, therefore, always try to add diagrams in your answers.
        As you are from an engineering background, it will be profitable for you to choose with your native subject. But if you have an interest in animals and want to study about them then you should go for Zoology. You can join Sapiens IAS for best coaching for Zoology in Delhi.
        Mr. Pradip Sarkar, founder, and director of Sapiens IAS is the best teacher for Zoology optional. He has an experience of more than a decade for teaching Zoology to UPSC aspirants and has provided his careful guidance to various aspirants who are currently serving the nation as an IAS, IPS and IFS officers.
        It is very easy to join Sapiens IAS for Zoology optional online class for UPSC. If you are interested to join, then you can simply visit our website and register yourselves by providing some details. For any query related to the course or registration, you can send us an Email at info@sapiensias.in or you can also Contact Us at +91-8700922126, +91-9718354962.

        Useful Articles

        Want to make time management for Zoology coaching of IAS? if yes, then stay updated about our Zoology optional blogs where we post regularly on different topics related to UPSC, IAS, civil courses as well as optional Zoology .

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        Get Help from Top UPSC Teacher

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