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for IAS/PCS Exam

Starting from 29th July


for IAS/IFoS/PCS Exam

Starting from 29th July

Anthropology Coaching for IAS, UPSC Exams | Zoology Optional Coaching for Civil Service Exam

Do you want to become a civil servant but you are struggling to crack the tough UPSC exams? Sapiens IAS is here to give you the road map to success! Being one of the leading IAS anthropology coaching centers in Delhi India, we provide “anthropology optional coaching and zoology optional coaching to aspirants from all over the country. With industry expert Mr. Pradip Sarkar at the helm, Sapiens IAS takes a scientific and methodical approach to teach anthropology and zoology optional for UPSC. The institute specializes in both offline and online coaching for anthropology IAS optional and zoology optional. The coursework also includes Zoology and Anthropology optional test series.

With over 14 years of experience in the field of anthropology and zoology IAS coaching, Sapiens IAS stands tall as one of the best institutes in the country! We have produced toppers from around the country in areas such as IAS, IRS, IFS, and IPS.

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Introduction to Our Anthropology & Zoology Courses

At Sapiens IAS, we aim at guiding bright and talented minds to their desired success. Our strategically designed courses and classes help aspirants to crack the most difficult exam in the country. Through our “zoology coaching” and “anthropology UPSC coaching 2020-21“, students can gain an in-depth understanding of the subjects. Whether you choose anthropology or zoology optional for IAS & IFoS, you will find the best curriculum here.

Anthropology Offline Class:

Anthropology is the study of social sciences, and our “offline anthropology optional classes” will help you achieve a comprehensive understanding of the subject.

Anthropology Online Class:

No matter where you live, you can always access the “anthropology online classesfor UPSC right from the comfort of your home.

Anthropology Test Series:

The anthropology test series is conducted both online and offline to gauge the merits and progress of the students.

Zoology Offline Class:

The offline classes for “UPSC zoology optional coaching” are appropriate and recommended if you are looking for rigorous and intimate study sessions.

Zoology Online Class:

Zoology online classes are highly sought after by students who cannot attend the classes in person. Access the study materials and get lectures online!

Zoology Test Series:

The zoology optional test series takes place both online and offline. The tests reveal areas that you need to improve. It helps you prepare for the actual exam.

Why Choose Us for Anthropology UPSC Coaching in India

Through years of hard work and dedication, Sapiens IAS has established itself as the best anthropology UPSC coaching institute in India. Thousands of students and aspiring candidates resort to our anthropology offline/online coaching for UPSC every year. The same can be said about zoology optional online class. Our extensive courses and study materials help you to ace the online zoology UPSC test series and anthropology test series online. Here are a few more reasons why you should choose us:

Live and Recorded Class:

Our UPSC anthropology coaching and IAS/IFoS zoology classes are carried out in both live and recorded format. These classes cover the entire syllabus, and you can go over every chapter whenever you want.

Live Doubt Clearing:

Have questions related to our online coaching for zoology optional or anthropology optional? Take part in the live doubt clearing sessions with your teacher, submit assignments and get evaluations right away!

UPSC Oriented Test Series:

Our UPSC zoology and anthropology optional test series is designed to help you prepare for UPSC IAS exams. The more times you take the test, the higher you are expected to score in the actual exam.

Meticulously Designed Study Materials:

Our anthropology and zoology optional coaching comes with well-designed and strategic courses and study materials that are exam oriented. These study materials help you prepare for the final exam.

Comprehensive Syllabus:

Our anthropology and zoology optional online class and offline class covers the entire syllabus. We are the only institute in the country that completes the syllabus before the exam.

Highly experienced faculty:

With the undying effort and guidance of Mr Pradip Sarkar, Sapiens IAS has been able to build a reputation. Reliable and highly committed, Mr Sarkar is known for his unique approach toward studying anthropology and zoology.

Upcoming UPSC Anthropology & Zoology Courses

Want to enroll in our UPSC zoology coaching and anthropology classes? If so, below are the details of our upcoming courses and classes. To be a part of our new batch and to take on the zoology and anthropology test series 2020-21, you need to give us a call or register with us.


Anthropology Optional Online Class
for IAS and PCS EXAM
Starting from 29th July
FEE: Rs 24,900/- Only
Admission Open, Join Now

Zoology Optional Online Class

Zoology Optional Online Class for IAS/IFoS/PCS
by Pradip Sarkar
Starting from 29th July
FEE: Rs 46,000/- Only
Admission Open, Join Now

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Our Infrastructure

Being one of the most reputed and reliable UPSC training centres, Sapiens IAS has the best setup and infrastructure. Our online classes are fully reliant on live and recorded study sessions. Offline students can also enjoy comfortable and productive classrooms. Our advanced infrastructure helps us to provide the best online coaching for anthropology and zoology. View More

Anthropology Optional Videos | UPSC Zoology Videos

Our zoology and anthropology optional online classes include live study sessions. Besides that, we have compiled a series of videos that help you brush up on the anthropology and zoology optional IAS coursework. In these UPSC anthropology optional videos, Mr Pradip Sarkar and our faculty members explain various aspects of the zoology and anthropology syllabus. Check them out as they are released!

UPSC Optional Articles on Anthropology and Zoology

Want to know more about our zoology and anthropology optional coaching online? If so, check out our blog for UPSC anthropology and zoology optional latest news and updates related to Sapiens IAS and our activities. You will also get to know various UPSC related information as we keep posting educational material to keep our readers up to date.

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Do I need UPSC IAS coaching

The UPSC exams are the toughest in the land. To become a civil servant, you need to go through several stages of tests and interviews. Not everyone can crack these exams. Only those with a proper understanding of the subjects and prior experience in mock tests have a high chance of succeeding. Joining a coaching centre significantly makes you likely to succeed.

Does Sapiens IAS have a library

Sapiens IAS has a well-stocked library that provides aspirants with all the study materials required for the anthropology and zoology coaching. We also provide a wide collection of online resources that students can use to further their understanding of the subjects. You can use these for both online and offline classes.

How can I prepare for anthropology optional

How you approach the study of anthropology can decide how well you will do in the exam. To prepare for the IAS anthropology optional exam, you need to gain conceptual clarity, analyse the anthropology optional question paper format of previous years, create comprehensive anthropology notes and learn to make diagrams. These are the very basic ones, but Sapiens IAS will help you dig deeper.

Should I choose zoology as an optional

Zoology is an ideal option for those who like science-based subjects over others. Aside from being a high-scoring subject, zoology also wins by popular choice and student feedback. Despite its extensive syllabus, many aspirants opt for zoology because of its interesting study materials. With the help of Sapiens IAS, you can complete the zoology optional syllabus and take mock tests as well.

How long does the zoology optional coaching last at Sapiens IAS

At Sapiens IAS, the zoology optional coaching is conducted over a period of 6 months. Our experienced teachers and faculty members help you finish the course and the syllabus within that time. You will also get to take ifos zoology test series to determine how well you are ready for the actual UPSC exam.

Should I join Sapiens IAS for UPSC coaching

Sapiens IAS is one of the best coaching institutes for anthropology and zoology optional. With over 14 years of experience in the field, we are more than capable of training you for the civil services exams. When you join us, you can enjoy the study sessions both online and offline. Want to crack the UPSC exams at the first go? “Join Sapiens IAS“.

Why should I choose anthropology optional for IAS

Anthropology is one of the highest scoring optional subjects in UPSC that you can take as optional. It is a study of social sciences. If you like science-based subjects, you are going to enjoy the study materials. You can also find extensive resources from Sapiens IAS to better understand the subject.

Is Sapiens IAS ideal for anthropology optional coaching

Sapiens IAS provides both online and offline coaching to aspirants who have selected anthropology optional for their UPSC exam. Being an in the industry, Mr. Pradip Sarkar has some keen insights into the subject. With the backing of our strong faculty, we can help you prepare for the final exam with ease and confidence.

What are some tips for zoology optional preparation for UPSC

Each person has a different way of studying and preparing for a subject. Here at Sapiens IAS, we believe in taking a comprehensive approach. To score high marks in zoology optional, you need to study extensively and learn to make the best zoology notes. At Sapiens IAS, we will help you with the notes and answers as well.

Is civil services a good career option

Being a civil servant, you will have the job of nation-building and taking important decisions that affect the lives of many. Depending on your role and post, you can earn a high salary, living in government housing and enjoy many other benefits. If you have always wanted a steady career, try the civil services!

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