Why You Should Choose Anthropology?

• It is by and large a static subject. Unlike the other subjects for e.g. Public Administration, Political Science etc. where the recent events also need to be covered and analyzed, Anthropology is brief and static. In this optional you will learn the topics like Marriage, Kinship, Evolution, Prehistoric cultures etc, these topics just require mugging and retention.

• The subject is very interesting and will keep you attentive due to the blend of everything in it, be it science, social science, history, biology, and so on.

• The questions that are asked in the UPSC Civil Services exam are direct. They can be anticipated and prepared easily.

• Interestingly you will notice there is a lot of repetition in the questions asked every year. One or two questions definitely get repeated. The subject is not at all burdensome. You can easily and equally focus on other subjects of mains.

• Unlike the other Arts subjects, the answer writing in anthropology is not based much on writing creative answers and showcasing your writing prowess. The answers will mostly be to the point and explained using diagrams, flow charts etc.

• The subject matter of this paper also overlaps with Indian Society and issues related to the development in General Studies. It is highly beneficial to find such convergence in papers because it saves you time and energy and also provides ample material, as well as different perspectives to write better answers in both subjects.

Latest trends related to Anthropology Optional in IAS Exam?

In the recent past a large number of aspirants of Civil Services Exam have opted for Anthropology as their optional. Its a fact that number of aspirants who opt for Anthropology are still lesser than those opting for popular optional subjects like History, Geography and Public Administration, but the success rate of Anthropology is one of the highest. The following table gives the number of candidates who appeared for the IAS exam with anthropology as the optional vis-a-vis the number of candidates who cleared the exam with it.

Year No. of candidates appeared No. of candidates recommended Success rate (%)
2011 463 61 13.2
2012 579 38 6.6
2013 449 53 11.8
2014 619 68 11
2015 641 95 14.8
2016 345 37 10.7
Toppers in Civil Services Exam with Anthropology optional

One can easily score 300+ in Anthropology Optional. In the recent past, this fact is testified by the aspirants who have emerged as the All India Toppers in the Civil Services Exam with Anthropology as their optional subject.

Name Year Rank
Akshat Jain 2018 2
Anudeep Durishetty 2017 1
Sachin Gupta 2017 3
Koya Sree Harsha 2017 6
Milind Bapna 2016 61
Devendra Kumar 2016 97
Samir Saurabh 2016 127
Kirthi Chekuri 2015 14
Neha Kumari 2014 26
Arunraj 2014 34
Raja Gopal Sunkara 2014 49



5 Months. The syllabus is brief and easy to understand.


No. Anthropology as a subject is easy to understand. It has become popular among the aspirants from diverse background. Aspirants from any stream can score 300+ plus in IAS Mains if the subject is prepared under right guidance.


There are three main reasons. One, the syllabus is brief and can be prepared in just 3 to 4 months. Two, the subject is static, so there is no need to link it with the current happenings. Three, direct questions are asked in the IAS Mains paper which can be anticipated and prepared.


Yes. The optional is linked with GS Paper I and GS Paper II. You will study many topics in great details like Indian society, institutions, local self-government, development related issues etc. that will help you to score better in General Studies and Essay.


Yes. On a daily basis the aspirants are asked to write answers in the class. These answers are evaluated by the faculty and personalized feedback is given.

Why Sapiens IAS
for Anthropology?

Our highly structured courses for Anthropology Optional Courses have transformed the lives of many successful aspirants. Our rich experience in Civil Services Exam will help you to qualify the exam with flying colours.

Seasoned Faculty

Under the guidenace of Pradip Sarkar we have persistently produce IAS toppers and top scorers in Anthropology year after year.

Finest Study Material

Our study material is well researched and organized. It is regularly updated by our experts. It acts as a valuable assest to score high.

Imbibing Critical Thinking

Once you inculcate the habit of Critical Thinking in the subject matter, the high score is guaranteed. We focus to imbibe this from day one.

Indepth Coverage

Every topic mentioned in the syllaybus is covered in depth in the thought provoking lectures. Regular doubt clearing sessions are held to improve learning outcomes

Tests to Gauge Performance

Regular tests on exact UPSC pattern are the integral part of the course. These tests are followed by model answers and personalized feedback.

High Success Rate

Many top scorers in Anthropolgy and IAS toppers have banked exclusively on Sapiens IAS and the guidance of Pradip Sir. You too can bank upon us!


Shradwati Chaudhary

RANK 1, 2009 West Bengal PCS, 174/200 Marks in Anthropology

Alok Ranjan Ghosh

RANK 10, IAS EXAM 2018, 414 marks in Zoology


RANK 13 UPPSC 2018, 316/400 marks in Anthropology


RANK 2, Himachal Pradesh PCS

Rameez Rashid Bhatt

RANK 5, Jammu and Kashmir PCS 480 marks in Anthropology




RANK 40, IAS EXAM, 389 Marks in Anthropology

Ashirwad Kumar

RANK 35, IAS EXAM, 313 Marks in Anthropology


RANK 41, IAS EXAM, 327 Marks in Anthropology





Nipun Aggarwal

Rank 197, CIVIL SERVICES EXAM 329 Marks in Anthropology


We are proud to be the part of some of the outstanding and sucessful journeys.

Courses Offered for
Anthropology Optional

We understand that rote learning and shallow prepration of the Optional subject do not pay rich dividends in IAS main exam. Sapiens IAS has curated high quality immersive mentoring and e-learning programs for aspirants of Civil Services Examinations by leveraging the best digital technologies available.

Classroom Course

Batches are regularly announced for Anthropolgy Optional mentored by Pradip Sarkar. The venue for these batches is karol bagh, Delhi.

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Interactive Online Course

Online Courses are also offered for Anthropology Optional. The content, faculty and subject matter is exactly the same as in the Classroom programs..

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Anthropology Test Series

The anthropology test series is conducted both online and offline. You can take these tests at the institute or you can take them online from your home.

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