Anthropology Book List

Topic Books
Social Anthropology Sapiens Notes, Ember & Ember, An introduction to Social Anthropology by D.N. Majumdar
Anthropological Theories Sapiens Notes, Pandey andUpadhyay, MakhanJha
Biological/ Physical Anthropology Stein and Roe: Physical Anthropology, Human Genetics by Harrisons, Sapiens Study Materials, P. Nath - Physical anthropology
Archaeology D.K. Bhattaehrya, Sapiens Notes
Indian Society Social Change by M.N. Srinivas, Modernization & Indian tradition by Yoginder Singh, Indian anthropology by NadeemHasnain, Sapiens Notes
Tribal India Indian Tribe and Culture by L.P. Vidhyarthi, Indian tribes by R.C. Sharma, Xaxa Committees report on Indian Tribes, Sapiens Notes, Indian tribes by NadeemHasnain

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