About various aspects of Sapiens IAS

Sapiens IAS, a 17 years old coaching institute in the field of UPSC (IAS) exams, providing coaching for Zoology and Anthropology optional under the ageis of MR. Pradip Sarkar with a set of standard values. Various aspects of the institution given below:


  • Time bound coverage of the entire syllabus.
  • Teaching complete syllabus from the first topic to last one in the syllabus.
  • Giving complete study material of the entire syllabus.
  • Best teaching with reasonable fees.
  • Giving personal attention and feedback conducting test series, evaluation of test paper regularly
  • Conducting test series, evaluation of test paper regularly

ABOUT FACULTY: (Pradip Sarkar)

  • He has completed Hons, Master in Zoology from presidency college, Kolkata which is one of the prestigious colleges in India.
  • He scored 352 in Zoology and 349 in anthropology perhaps which are the highest scores in 2005 IAS exam. ( During his time there were two optional).
  • He faced all the four interviews in UPSC (IAS) exam. during his time one could only make 4 attempts in UPSC (IAS) exams. Unlike 6 attempts at present.
  • He has been single handedly teaching zoology and anthropology for UPSC/PCs aspirants for last 17 years and produced hundreds of IAS, IPS, IES, IRS etc. and toppers.
  • He is proven to be the best guide in anthropology and zoology optionals in IAS/PCS exam in the entire nation.


  • Explains each and every topic in simplified manner with relevant examples, case studies, diagrams etc. Since most of the students comes from non-anthropology and non-biological background.
  • He teaches biological anthropology in so simplified and interesting manner that even students with non-biology background feel at ease.
  • Dealing with each and every topic of the syllabus, no shorts cut methods.
  • Sharing Framework/ skeleton for each and every topic for strict adhering to the topics, longer memorization, quicks revision and understanding complex topic step by steps. This framework based is unique and innovative technique proven to be greatly useful to every student. No institute is doing that.
  • Clearing doubts offline and online.
  • Giving assignment regularly and evaluation of assignment in the class itself.
  • Teaching student as how to introduce relevantly, to draw conclusion effectively and how to structure the facts in an answer which are needed in this exam. Most of the aspirants are not familiar with all these.
  • Also, to teach how to write answer without compromising facts within the constrain of word limit.
  • For better presentation, sir is using diagrams, flows charts, tables, graphs etc.
  • At Sapiens focus is on presentation. If presentation is not taught nothing is taught.


Sapiens study material is in very demand among anthropology and zoology aspirants because of the following reasons:

  • Study material are complete & comprehensive and meticulously designed.
  • No need of books or any other sources, our study materials are more than enough.
  • They are completely processed and ready to write material within word limits with case studies, examples, diagrams, flow charts etc. so that one can reproduce in the exam as such or directly
  • All topics are given with relevant introduction and conclusion with structured body without compromising facts and maintaining flow in the answer.
  • All topics in the study material are given in lucid and concise manners which can be written within 3 hours of the exams.
  • To present facts in study materials concisely sir is using diagrams, flow charts, graph etc so that facts shall not be compromised.
  • These study materials combined with class lectures one can score under any circumstances more than 300+ marks in IAS exam.


  • Every year half of the aspirants who get selected with anthropology optional are from Sapiens IAS.
  • We have produced toppers in anthropology several times in the recent past. Eg Nipun Aggarwal, a regular batch student (AIR- 194/ Anthro marks 329 in 2017). Kabita Meena in 2013etc.
  • In zoology, our student Aloke Ranjan Ghosh scored 414 marks in zoology which is highest record marks in UPSC ( IAS) so far and attained 10 all India rank and mny others scored more than 350+ marks
  • We have produced toppers in pcs exams several times eg. Sharadwati Chowdhuri (Rank 1, WBPCS, 2009), Pankaj Mishra (2 nd topper in HPPCS in 2012). Etc.
  • Bulk of student scoring 300 + in anthropology marks every year from SAPIENS IAS
  • To conclude it can be said that this exam demands smart hard work, regular studies and reliable guidance. Mr. Pradip Sarkar, as a mentor is veteran in this field with long 17 years of experience and sound capacity of motivating and encouraging students could channelize each and every student’s energy in the right direction to success


Shradwati Chaudhary

RANK 1, 2009 West Bengal PCS, 174/200 Marks in Anthropology

Alok Ranjan Ghosh

RANK 10, IAS EXAM 2018, 414 marks in Zoology


RANK 13 UPPSC 2018, 316/400 marks in Anthropology


RANK 2, Himachal Pradesh PCS

Rameez Rashid Bhatt

RANK 5, Jammu and Kashmir PCS 480 marks in Anthropology




RANK 40, IAS EXAM, 389 Marks in Anthropology

Ashirwad Kumar

RANK 35, IAS EXAM, 313 Marks in Anthropology


RANK 41, IAS EXAM, 327 Marks in Anthropology





Nipun Aggarwal

Rank 197, CIVIL SERVICES EXAM 329 Marks in Anthropology


We are proud to be the part of some of the outstanding and sucessful journeys.