Best Books to Study for Zoology UPSC Mains Exam

Zoology is one of the branches of biology that studies the details of the animal kingdom, which includes a variety of topics like embryology, evolution, anatomy, physiology, behavior, classification, habits of various members of the animal kingdom whether living or extinct.

If you are willing to take up Zoology as your subject for the Civil Services Main Exam then you must refer to the best book for zoology for IAS. This will help you prepare for the exam with the best possible study material.

We have compiled for you a list of UPSC Mains zoology reference books to help you study well for the IAS Mains Exam:

Zoology Optional Books for UPSC

1) Embryology by Balinsky: Click here 
2) Invertebrates by R.L. Kotpal: Click here 
3) Cell and Molecular Biology by De Robertis: Click here 
4) Animal physiology by H.R. Singh: Click here 
5) Ecology by Odum: Click here 
6) Ecology and Environment by P.D. Sharma: Click here 
7) Genetics by P.K. Gupta: Click here 
8) Lehninger Principles of Biochemistry By David L. Nelson: Click here 
9) Dictionary of Entomology by Leftwich: Click here 


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Start Reading the Best Book for UPSC Mains Zoology Today

Now, every year there are numerous successful candidates who come for the Zoology background. This subject has a huge potential if you study the best book for zoology optional for UPSC, IAS and go for a good and reliable IAS zoology coaching.

The IAS zoology books provide a detailed study into the paper with various question references. The syllabus of the book is wide yet very static in nature which gives Zoology as a subject and advantage over others.

The books have a complete syllabus comprised and explained in a very informative manner. All these books have been written by renowned authors and cover the entire spectrum and syllabus of the whole Zoology.

Advantages of Choosing UPSC Mains Zoology Books

When you have the best Zoology IAS Optional Books to prepare for your Civil Services Main Exam then you will get the following advantages: 

  • You can score well if you thoroughly study the UPSC Zoology book- It is a very scoring subject because of the nature of its syllabus which is quite precise and technical. If you study the complete syllabus you can be sure of writing a good exam and getting excellent marks for it.
  • Precise and static syllabus of UPSC book for zoology- The best part is the syllabus which is static and very well-defined. Once you have completed the syllabus you can be sure of getting good marks in the exam.
  • Content of the books for IAS zoology optional- The books cover the entire spectrum of the syllabus and the language used is very understandable and comprehensible.

Get enrolled for the UPSC zoology optional coaching and get the best study material and guidance to prepare for your exam:

  • We have highly experienced and expert faculty who have a great command on the subject matter. With years of experience in the subject, Mr. Pradeep Sarkar provides expert guidance and knowledge to help you prepare for the exam.
  • Along with the Zoology offline class, we have the best online course prepared for the students to meet their various needs.
  • The coaching provides you excellent guidance and study material to help you with the entire syllabus.

So, enroll yourself in the best zoology coaching for UPSC so that you can avail the help of the experts in preparing for the exam.

You can even go for online zoology optional coaching to get important tips on the paper and understand the changes in the pattern if any. This is very beneficial because with online coaching you can study from any part of India and avail the guidance and assistance of the module 24/7.

Related FAQs:

What are the benefits of getting enrolled in the zoology coaching for IAS in Delhi? 

  • You get your hands on the latest syllabus
  • Avail the expert guidance of experienced teachers
  • Weekly tests and modules to keep a check on your performance
  • Mock tests and doubt sessions to improve your performance
  • Get the best study material with the complete syllabus and revised editions

Where can you get the UPSC zoology books?

You can buy the best UPSC mains zoology reference books and IAS zoology optional books online. Just make sure to confirm the name of the books with your faculty and then you can get the books online.

How does the zoology book for UPSC and UPSC zoology Coaching help you prepare for the Zoology Mains Civil Services Exam? 

  • The book has all the direct quotes, well-labeled and neat diagrams general explanation followed by exact definition to help you learn the syllabus.
  • The faculty in the coaching helps you with the tips to write your paper.
  • The faculty helps you with various examples and references to enhance your knowledge.

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