UPSC Anthropology Optional Coaching For IAS

  • Anthropology is one of the most popular optional subjects in the civil services examination. As a subject, it is useful not only to succeed in the civil services examination but successful candidates continue their association with this subject as they study it in training and use its concepts and knowledge in the practical field.
    Anthropology is possibly the only optional in the UPSC Syllabus of which has been cut down considerably. Due to the removal of topics such as Ethnicity, Development Anthropology, Twins, Reproductive Biology, etc. –it is expected the subject will regain its glory and to be popular optional for IAS exam once again. Some of the features why aspirants choose the anthropology subject as their optional are due to the less content in the anthropological theory, research methodology, demography among the others.

    Features of Our Course

    • LIVE ONLINE CLASSES: Anthropology (Optional) for Civil Services Mains Examination by Pradip Sarkar (Sapiens IAS) starting on 26th Nov. 2018. Live Online Classes is the best alternative to offline classes.
    • DEDICATED FORUM FOR PREPARATION: Sapiens IAS offers a dedicated discussion forum which is open to registered students from all over the country during anthropology live online classes.
    • REASONABLE FEES: Sapiens IAS offers comprehensive coverage of UPSC Anthropology Optional course at a reasonable price with 24×7 Online Live Support.
    • UNLIMITED LEARNING ACCESS: Sapiens IAS is the only coaching institutes in Delhi which allow its students to watch videos as many as times as they can without charging any extra money.
    • EXPERIENCED FACULTY: Pradip Kumar Sarkar who has 10 years experience in IAS Coaching. He has produced hundreds of IAS, IFoS, IPS, IRS etc. He scored 252 in zoology and 349 in anthropology optional which were perhaps the highest scores in the nation at that time.
    • UPDATED STUDY MATERIAL: Sapiens IAS study material is updated every year. Along with Test Series for Anthropology Optional Subject.

    Techniques of Presentation Used

    1. Framing/Structuring
    2. Flow Chart
    3. Diagrams
    4. Graphs

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