Zoology Optional Strategy for UPSC Civil Service Exam 2020

Zoology is a Science subject which has become one of the preferred choices for IAS Mains Optional exam. Only aspirants who are from the Science, Biology, and Agriculture or forestry background can take up this subject.

The subject as a whole studies the anatomy, evolution, behavior, structure, and species of Animal kingdom. For this paper and as an IAS candidate you must develop a thorough and deep understanding of the subject to score good marks.

For that the candidate needs to have a planned Zoology Optional Strategy to prepare for the exam in the right way. The Candidate is required to have his concepts clear about the subject first and then start reading and learning UPSC Zoology books with the complete IAS zoology syllabus.

What is the right UPSC optional zoology strategy?

  • The syllabus though is less vast as compared to other Social Sciences subjects yet requires thorough and intensive reading. The zoology optional strategy for IAS should be to first go through the subject and the syllabus and find the content that you need to study.
  • The right UPSC optional Zoology strategy would be to pick up the best IAS Zoology books for the syllabus read them carefully. The candidate should first start with easy books to develop a conceptual clarity of the subject and then jump to the next sets of difficult books with in depth reading.


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How to prepare for zoology optional?

UPSC is one of the most difficult exams and you need to have a strategy planned to study and get through this paper. It is very important that you plan in advance your whole schedule and work very hard to achieve it.

  • The first step is to understand and know your syllabusCheck out the latest and the revised UPSC Zoology 2020 syllabus and find what are the important topics and areas that you should focus on.
  • Second Step is to make a list of the best Reference Books for UPSC Zoology.

The next step of the Zoology Optional Strategy for IAS Mains Exam, is to make a list of reference books that you will study for the exam. For that check out the best and the most recommended books for the IAS exam.

Tips choose from the below list of important Zoology books:

  • A Dictionary of Entomology – Leftwich
  • Physiology – H.R. Singh
  • Embryology – Balinsky, A.K. Berry, Vir Bala Rastogi
  • Ethology – Reena Mathur, Magazines like Science Reporter, Nature, etc.
  • Ecology – P.D. Sharma, Odum, Vir Bala Rastogi, and M.S. Jayaraj, Kotpal and Bali
  • Evolution – Vir Bala Rastogi 
  • The third step is to Prepare UPSC Zoology Important Topics-  For that you need to go through the syllabus and zoology previous year question papers to identify the topic which are very significant. Once you have the loss of those topics ready pay extra attention to them and study them every day.
  • Fourth step is to prepare a study plan.
  1. It is the most important step of the UPSC optional Zoology strategy to make a study plan for the exam preparation.
  2. For that make a monthly plan and divide the complete syllabus on day basis.
  3. Prepare the schedule for every day
  4. Plan to solve previous year’s papers on weekends
  5. Allot time for online tests and mock-tests
  6. Set deadlines for the syllabus completion on weekly basis



What is the best strategy to study the UPSC zoology syllabus?

  • Spend extra time in understanding the theories – Learn and understand the theories and try to write them with write quotes and definitions. Understand Theories and you should be able to precise and to the point answers.
  • Pay extra attention on diagrams – When it comes to Zoology Optional, diagrams play a vital role. You need to be able to have a good grasp and knowledge of the diagrams too. This is because if you draw neat and well-labeled diagrams then you would get better marks.
  • Write well-descriptive answers – You can well-descriptive answers which include information like perspectives you have on the welfare of human society and practical implication on the society.
  • Enroll yourself in the best zoology optional coaching for UPSC so that you can avail the help of the experts in preparing for the exam.
  • Go for zoology optional coaching online to get important tips on the paper and understand the changes in the pattern if any.

Related FAQs

Is zoology a good optional for UPSC?

Yes, Zoology is a very good option because the subject has a less vast syllabus compared to other humanities subject.

What is the strategy for answering questions in the exam?

You can write straight and direct answers – One major advantage of choosing Zoology over other Arts subjects like Political Science or English is the fact that the questions asked in exam are direct and to the point. So, if you have written a good to-the point answer you can be sure of fetching good marks.

What is the Zoology writing strategy for civil service exam?

  • Use direct quotes, general explanation followed by exact definition in the Introduction of your long answer.
  • In the body of your answer make sure you effectively use well-labeled and neat diagrams.
  • Use examples and references to support your answer.
  • In the end of your answers make sure you use a solution based and positive approach.

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