Zoology Optional Answer Writing Tips for UPSC

If you are a science student, then you would certainly be well-acquainted with the subject zoology. However, for some of you, we might prefer explaining it again to you that Zoology is an important branch of biology that deals with the study of animals and their life cycle. Now, talking of its role in the UPSC exam, you need to know that zoology an optional subject. Most science students prefer it as their subject while appearing for the exam since they have a stronger grasp of the subject.

What is the study of zoology?

Being the branch of biology that is dedicated to studying animals, it involves a range of topics. It includes areas varying from the composition of cells to the sub-cellular unit of life. Few zoologists are involved in the study of the genetics of various classes of species. Others are involved with the form and functioning of the animal body. Apart from this, few others study how animals are formed and how their traits are passed on from one generation to the other. Zoology also helps in researching the relationships between animals and their habitats and the behavior of animals.

What is the difference between zoology and biology?

  • One basic difference between zoology and biology is that the former is a study of animals. Simultaneously, the latter is a study of all organisms, be it living or non-living.
  • Behavioral ecology is a zoology related area of study, while biology is never concerned with ethology.
  • Biology is dated back to an ancient time, which is during the era when humans were fascinated to know more about both animals and plants. When talking of Zoology, it has no evidence of being the ancient eras before civilization.

Can Bio students take zoology as an optional for the UPSC preparation?

If you have a science background, you can certainly take up zoology as optional for the UPSC exam. You will have an idea of the subject and will find it quite easier to grasp it in less time for the exam preparation.

Zoology Optional Answer Writing Tips

Whenever you intend to study for UPSC IAS/IFoS exams, it is imperative to keep some answer writing tips for zoology optional in your head. We’ve come up with some zoology optional answer writing tips that will help you get good exam scores. Some of the important tips that you need to follow are:

  • Be aware of the zoology optional syllabus that you need to be well-versed with, and make sure not to read unwanted topics.
  • Choose the best zoology optional books and well-written study notes to study. This will help you get an idea of how you can write the answer in zoology answers.
  • Always mark the important points which are to be included in answer to a particular topic.
  • Make sure that you be updated with the latest numbers, counts, or reports regarding any topic of zoology. Providing current trends in your answers shows that you are obscure with the latest developments.
  • Yet another tip is to keep practicing answer writing unless you do not become an expert. When answering a question, always keep it divided into introduction, explanation, why’s, how’s, and so on. Include everything that needs to be added in your answer.
  • Add sub-headings to your answer, make bullet points, and also add some diagrams in your answer. When writing a subject like zoology, you will have ample numbers of diagrams to draw in your answer sheet.
  • Avoid providing extra information, as this will only waste your time and words. Therefore, before you start, ensure that you decide about how much to writes

Is coaching required for zoology optional for guiding zoology writing strategy?

Yes, Zoology optional coaching is a must for all the aspirants that are planning to appear for the UPSC exam. It becomes more important when you are planning to take up zoology as your optional subject. The professionals at a coaching center like Sapiens IAS will provide you with proper zoology optional notes and help you provide the right zoology writing tips for UPSC exam. Here is more about how they can help.

  1. Experts provide you with the complete syllabus for zoology optional. This will help you read only the important topics and skip the unwanted ones.
  2. Next, they will also help you get the best optional books for zoology. You no more will be troubled to find the right set of study materials for your UPSC exam.
  3. They will also provide you with zoology notes, which will help you learn the answer writing strategy for the subject.

How is Sapiens IAS for Online Zoology Classes?

Sapiens IAS is one such offline/online coaching for Zoology optional, established by Mr.Pradip Sarkar, an expert in the subject. Along with his staff, he has been helping all the UPSC aspirants for the last 13 years by providing them the best guidance. Here are some ways in which they have proven to be the best for zoology classes.

  • Professional teacher who have enough knowledge of the subject.
  • Staff promises to help the students at any time of the day
  • Get your hands on the nicely written- notes of zoology optional for UPSC exam
  • Students can attend the online recorded and live classes of zoology, which are taken by the experts

FAQs on Zoology Optional

1. Is zoology easy optional?
Well, this certainly is a tricky question. Since the answer to it depends on an individual. However, it definitely will be easy for a person who has a science background or has completed their majors in B.Sc Zoology.

2. Is zoology a good option for UPSC, PSC?
Yes, zoology is a good choice for optional in PSC and UPSC exam. It is an interesting and scoring subject for the students who have a science background.

3. Which institute is the best for Zoology Optional?
Sapiens IAS is one of the best coaching institutes for students to study zoology for the UPSC exam.

4. Does Sapiens IAS provide up-to-date zoology notes?
Yes, the experts at Sapiens IAS have experience of umpteen years. They are very well aware that they need to provide the exam aspirants with the updated zoology notes.

5. Is online zoology coaching as effective as offline?
Well, both are equally effective, depending on the student’s traveling distance. Online zoology coaching is the best option for those who stay at farthest distances, while offline are preferred by those who have a coaching institute near their houses.

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