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Zoology Optional Online Test Series

Sapiens IAS Starting New Mains test Series for UPSC Zoology from 17th June. We are providing Zoology Online Test Series as-well-as Offline Zoology Mains Test Series for UPSC. If you are preparing for Civil Services Exam with or without Indian Forest Service with Zoology Optional, then you can join our IAS Zoology Test Series Online/Offline and IFoS Zoology Test Series Online and Offline both mode.

Zoology Mains Test Series Schedule

Test No. Area of the Syllabus Date Timing
Test 1 Non-chordates 17.06.2018 12:00 to
3:00 PM
Test 2 Chordates & comparahive anatomy 24.06.2018 Do
Test 3 Cytogenetics & evolution 01.07.2018 Do
Test 4 Ecology, Ethology, Eco. zoology,
Bio-stat and Biomedical Instrumentation
08.07.2018 Do
Test 5 Bio-chemistry, Physiology & Embryology 15.07.2018 Do
Test 6 paper-I 22.07.2018 Do
Test 7 paper-II 29.07.2018 Do
Test 8 Non-chordates, Chordates, Comp anatomy,
Cytogenetics physiology, Ecology
05.08.2018 Do
Test 9 Paper-I & Paper-II 12.08.2018 9.30-12.30 and
2.00-5.00 PM.



  • Discussion of every test shall be held on the date of next test (particularly after the test).
  • The properly evaluated paper shall be given back to students.
  • Sharing model Answer
  • Personal feedback and attention to individual students.

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Call on: 8700922126, 9718354962, 011-25754962
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Zoology test series is a popular and successful program which is conducted regularly offline and online by PRADIP SARKAR at SAPIENS IAS coaching institute. It has the following features:

  • UPSC Zoology Test series consists of 10 tests – 6 area wise and 4 comprehensive tests. Schedule for which could be collected from our website
  • The elaborate and complete discussion shall be held after every test.
  • Personal feedback and attention shall be given to the students with properly evaluated test copies.
  • In case, if anyone misses any Zoology test discussion which is valuable could be provided with recorded class since our institution is completely digital.
  • Our teacher, Pradip Sarkar himself evaluates test copies; hence, test copies are evaluated reliably.

It is observed that those students who have regularly appeared in IAS test series and participated in the discussion of tests, they have performed extraordinarily in final UPSC exam. Many of them scored 300+ and secured rank in IAS exam below 50.

UPSC Test series for Zoology under reliable and experienced guidance, create opportunities for evaluation of the preparation, correction of mistakes and ensures several time revisions and memorization which ensures nearly to perfect preparation for the final examination. Thus, test series is a winning strategy in the UPSC/IAS examination. SAPIENS IAS is a trusted institution for a decade to channelize student’s knowledge, hard work and talents to the long-cherished goal of IAS.

What makes Zoology a scoring subject?

Zoology is purely a science subject, emerged as a scoring optional in UPSC IAS Mains and Indian Forest Service Exam as well.  Ideally, this subject cannot be taken by the students from any background. Aspirants must be a graduate in Zoology, Medicine, Botany, Life Science,  Agriculture, Forestry etc. The students from non- zoology/ science may find this optional as a difficult one. For scoring well, you need not choose an easy subject, but shed your sweat and blood on that subject you have chosen. One must be thorough with the basic fact and concepts. The conceptual clarity, it will help you to answer an indirect and twisted question as well.

Intense reading

The Zoology optional syllabus includes diverse elements. After analyzing, the various components in the syllabus one must pick out the right books. This optional paper demands an intense reading.

Importance of short notes

Note making is considered as the essential part of UPSC preparation. The zoology optional subject is loaded with abundant information and figure. To retain this one has made short and crispy notes during the preparation. Such short notes will ensure that your answers in the UPSC Main exam are covered all the points in a balanced manner and absolute.

Answer Writing

Zoology is related to the animal kingdom and this paper gives us a wide opportunity to express our ideas. The aspirant should frame answer with necessary diagrammatic and keep your answers less verbose. Citing brief and brilliant introduction will capture the attention of the evaluator. Aspirants should give proper, diagrams, in depth and rigorous information to show your confidence and knowledge in the subject. While choosing the terminologies also, cite proper words and terms as it contains many scientific terms. Try to establish the relationships by using diagrams and flowcharts.