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    • July 2, 2017
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    • zoology for ias zoology for ifos

    Zoology being a science subject has a straight and clearly laid out syllabus. It has always been popular as a safe and scoring optional in the IAS and the IFoS.

    For scoring well in this subject, you have to know the core facts and concepts with clarity. You also need to know how to present your answer well with diagrams.

    For years, this subject has remained a favourite among aspirants from various backgrounds such as MBBS, BDS, BVSc, BSc or BTech in Biotechnology, BSc Life Science / Zoology / Botany / Microbiology and BPharma.

    The popularity of the subject has been due to:

    • Clear syllabus
    • High scoring nature
    • Interesting nature
    • Conceptual nature
    • Straightforward presentation expected
    • Role of diagrams and flow charts in scoring high

    During UPSC evaluation, there is always a great degree of objectivity because of the straight forward nature of questions. So, you can be sure of not losing any marks on the grounds that your line of arguments / interpretation did not match with that of the examiner. In sciences, there are only facts and concepts, which if correct, are bound to fetch you high marks. Therefore, with Zoology you can be fairly sure of scoring just on the basis your examination hall performance.

    We have guided many students who have scored more than 60% marks in the IAS Main (a score, which is good enough to make you a top ranker). In the recent years, about 15% of the total selections in the IFoS too have come from this optional.

    Who can benefit from our Zoology Course?

    In our experience, both good and average students can gain from our Zoology Course, especially in the following ways:

    1. In clearing the fundamentals of the subject. In the examination paper of Zoology; most of the questions are direct and fundamental in nature. Hence, having a clear grasp over the basics is of crucial importance.
    2. In adding value to the answer. With us, you will be exposed a number of specialist teachers – each one a master of his / her area. Such teachers dedicate a considerable amount of time in developing updated coverage of various topics they teach. Due to this continuous effort, you get a fast and highly effective value addition to your answers.
    3. In organizing the entire course as per the demands of the IFoS / Civil Service Examination. Thus, you can understand the emphasis areas and focus on them appropriately.
    4. You can be selective in coverage and maximize the quality of answers in the areas chosen.
    5. You learn the intricacies and techniques to write effective and marks-fetching answers, without which much of the preparation may go in vain.

    If you have been a biological or allied science student, you’ll find the entire course extremely rewarding and easy to manage. Hundreds of such students have already benefitted from our Zoology course so far. It is your turn now.

    Course inclusions

    Paper – I of IAS Main Examination / IFoS Zoology – Full coverage with study material
    Paper – II of IAS main Examination / IFoS Zoology – Full coverage with study material
    Updated study material with 100% coverage of the syllabus
    Revision Tests

    Course duration

    6 Months

    Class Frequency

    5-6 days a week depending on the stage of the Course

    Lecture Duration

    3 – 4 Hours a day


    Revision Tests along with the classroom coverage of the subject

    Refresher Tests after the completion of the classroom coverage of the subject

    Refresher Tests after the completion of the classroom coverage of the subject

    Test frequency is usually once a week


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