Why Choose UPSC Civil Services as a Best Career Option

Why Choose UPSC Civil Services as a Career Option? Reasons You Cannot Ignore!

Wondering why choose UPSC Civil Services as a career option? Whether you are fresh out of college or studying to earn your bachelor’s degree, you may consider a career in the civil services. The Union Public Service Commission or UPSC offers some of the most prestigious and honorable job titles in India. Being a public servant, you will not only be able to serve your country, but you will also earn a decent living. Titles such as IPS, IFS, and IAS attract some of the best talents from different corners of India. That means you have to compete against some brilliant minds and also crack some of the toughest exams to land your dream job.

Why choose UPSC Civil Services as a career option?

The best thing about Civil Services is that it offers a plethora of job titles for aspiring candidates. From information officers to accountants, the central and state government needs capable professionals in all departments. Therefore, there is a chance that you will find something in your area of interest. If you are asking yourself — why should I choose the UPSC civil services exam — there is a simple answer. As a civil servant, you will have a direct hand in critical decisions and policy-making in India. Unlike other government jobs, civil services give you the opportunity to represent your country on a global scale. You will need to fulfill various administrative duties while maintaining law and order.

Why is civil service a dream career?

As we have discussed above, there is plenty of variety when it comes to civil service career opportunities. However, is that enough to attract young and talented minds? Back in the day, everyone aspired to become a doctor or an engineer. With the introduction of diverse interesting careers, that craze has somewhat died down. However, UPSC civil services have managed to retain the same excitement and attraction. There are many reasons for that. Let’s discuss some of them and explore why you may want to become a civil servant.

  1. A plethora of options:

When asked why you want to join civil services, the first thing you can tell people is that it is one of the most diverse career paths. While working as a civil servant, you will have the privilege of working in various departments across the country. That will give you the chance to take a close look at a range of issues. Throughout your tenure, you will realize how dynamic your job is. It will not only help you grow but will also let you play a part in eradicating the ills of society.

  1. Honour and prestige:

Yes, being a civil servant comes with a lot of perks. Aside from a hefty salary, the government also provides you with good accommodation and a car with the red beacon. However, all the materialist things aside, the job also gives you unparalleled respect and prestige. If you have always dreamed of being honored among your peers, this will be your time to shine. People around you will always look up to you for your achievements. You may also get a chance to represent India on international platforms such as The World Trade Organization and the United Nations.

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  1. Power:

The UPSC civil services take you to a position of power. Here, you will be making decisions and creating policies that will impact the entire nation. If you did not know, it is the IAS officers who are the real brains behind the major policies announced by politicians. For example, as an IRS officer, you will be responsible for keeping the government exchequer in good shape. On the other hand, as an IAS officer, you will be in charge of maintaining law and order in the country. All in all, you will play a crucial role in running the nation.

  1. A chance to bring in real change:

When wondering “is civil service a good career for me,” ask yourself if you want to have a real effect in the society. If you feel like India can do so much better as a nation and for its people, now you can do something about it. Instead of complaining and throwing accusations at people of power, you can make real change through your actions. What you can do can not only determine the fate of the country, but it can also impact millions of lives. For example, in the event of the Uttarakhand floods, it was the District Magistrate’s responsibility to distribute the government provided relief material and compensation. Being able to help so many people is a hugely rewarding experience!

A career in the civil services will also ensure a secure and comfortable life for you and your loved ones. The job comes with a high and stable income along with retirement benefits.


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How to prepare for the UPSC civil services?

If the allure of the civil services has convinced you to try this career path, there are many ways you can prepare for it. For starters, you need to acknowledge the fact that it will take many months of hard work, patience, and perseverance to finally be able to sit for the exam. While some people prefer to study for the exam on their own, others feel confident about taking classes. Most of the major cities such as Pune and Delhi have institutes that provide specialized classes for aspiring civil servants. If you are from a metropolitan city, try searching for similar classes in your locality.

If you are a complete beginner to competitive exams in general, you must take these specialized classes. Reputed institutes provide carefully constructed courses and mock tests that simulate the civil services exams. You may also start taking these courses while you are in college. By studying rigorously and taking the tests, you should be able to crack the UPSC exam with ease. Remember to be tenacious and keep your eye on the goal. You would need to push on even in the face of struggles and failure. Keep at it and you will surely reach your objective!

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