Which Optional Subject is the Best for UPSC IAS Exam

Every year lakhs of students from across the country appear for the UPSC exam. The students have an entirely different opinion about this exam and the job they are provided with once they clear the exam. However, there goes a lot of it before appearing for such a tough competitive exam. To date, all the UPSC aspirants know very well how important it is for them to choose the best optional subjects for the UPSC civil services mains exam. Compared to earlier times, now the UPSC has reduced the number of optional subjects for the Mains exam. This has certainly decreased the stress amongst the students, but still, there is a lot that you people might face trouble in. 

In this article, we at Sapiens IAS are here to help you decide which is the best optional subject for IAS. However, before that, let us take you through the list of subjects in the exam. 

What are the optional subjects for UPSC?

For all those, who want to know about what are the optional subjects for UPSC, we have got you the list below. Firstly, the answer to your question of how many optional subjects for UPSC is. It is around 48 optional subjects for the students to choose from. Out of all these, you are supposed to choose any one of them for your UPSC mains. Some of the subjects are Geology, Philosophy, Botany, Agriculture, Commerce, Zoology, Anthropology, Mathematics, Bodo, Dogri, Gujarati, Kannada, Physics, Chemistry, Animal Husbandry & Vet Science, Civil Engineering, and so on. Literature papers have little or no overlap with either the GS or other sections of the UPSC exam. That being said, there have been IAS toppers with these subjects. 

Which is the best optional subject for UPSC?

The students who wish to know about which is the best optional subject for UPSC first need to know how to choose it. Let us now begin by explaining to you how to select optional subjects for UPSC. Several aspects interact to help you choose the ‘right’ optional subject from an individual’s perspective. Before determining irrationally on a subject, the applicant must ask himself/herself the following questions.

  • How huge is the syllabus of the optional subject?
  • Do you have prior knowledge of the optional subject?
  • Is the study material for the subject you choose easily available?
  • How much time do you have for the optional subject preparation?
  • Do you have a prior interest in the optional subject that you choose?
  • How much overlap of the syllabus is there between the optional subject and GS in prelims?

 Based on the answers to the questions mentioned above, the applicant will be able to decide which is the best optional subject for UPSC

As per the experts at Sapiens IAS, the best optional subject for UPSC can be anthropology for sure. They provide you with the best help and guidance that is needed for the preparation of the exam. The students planning to take up an anthropology optional subject need to know certain things for why anthropology is the best. 

  1. The syllabus of anthropology optional subject is very less compared to others.
  2. It is very much interesting to study for both the medical and engineering students.
  3. There are many diagrams in this subject, and hence answer writing can be a bit easier and scoring for the students, only if practiced well.
  4. It keeps you updated with the latest developments happening around.
  5. Anthropology also provides you with endless job opportunities in the respective field.

 How Sapiens IAS Helps Prepare Anthropology Optional Subject?

For the last thirteen years, Sapiens IAS has been functioning under the guidance of Pradip Sarkar. With his team’s help, he is providing online anthropology coaching to students all over the nation. The anthropology class by Pradip Sir is certainly going to help you a lot in the longer term. You will be glad to know that students can get the anthropology study notes prepared by the experts according to the anthropology syllabus. Being the best online anthropology institute, Sapiens IAS has made sure to help their students in the best way.

  • The anthropology class by Pradip Sir helps you focus on the answer writing. Hence, the students will have to no more panic about learning to manage time and write the answers in the best way.
  • The faculty of Sapiens IAS has tried to make assignments for you that the students need to submit within the given time. These online anthropology assignments will help you practice the answers very well.

The anthropology classes by Pradip Sarkar are always here at your fingertips. You just need to click the mouse and get on board to attend the live classes or watch the recorded lectures.

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