Which Optional Subject has the Least Syllabus in UPSC Mains Exam?

Do you want to become a civil servant? So, I’m sure you are preparing for UPSC. Well, in UPSC it’s a big issue to find the perfect optional subject to score more. Choosing a perfectly suitable optional subject is very essential. Because you have to read it for so many years as it is very rare to crack UPSC instantly. So, every student should choose according to their personal choices, their comfort zones. If you don’t have any personal choice, then you should choose an optional subject based on some points i.e. syllabus, subject matters, previous experiences with some subjects, etc.

In this article, we are going to discuss the subject that has the least syllabus in UPSC. The subject with the least syllabus in UPSC is Anthropology. Now before you think Anthropology is the subject you should choose, let’s understand the subject briefly.

Anthropology scientifically studies the humans, human behavior and societies of past and present. Social anthropology studies behavioral patterns and cultural anthropology studies cultural meaning, including norms and ethics. Linguistic anthropology studies on the influence of language in social life. Biological or physical anthropology examines the biological evolution of humans.

Which Optional is Better Anthropology or Sociology

So basically anthropology is a combined study of History, Psychology, Linguistics, Sociology, and some other subject.

The specialty of Anthropology in UPSC optional is, you won’t be surprised by seeing the anthropology question paper. There will be nothing that you haven’t covered. The question patterns are answers are mostly known and UPSC hasn’t improvised anything to date. Along with that, the questions tend to repeat. So, if you go through the previous year anthropology optional papers you’ll get a handful of questions that are coming again for sure.

How is Anthropology as an Optional for IAS?

Though you must remember one thing, a shorter syllabus or an easier exam process won’t help you if you don’t have a serious love for the subject. So, evaluate yourself properly before you opt for a subject. If you want to know more about Anthropology, check out our other articles, where we have explained in detail.

About Us-

Started in 2007, Sapiens IAS is one of the leading UPSC anthropology coaching institutes in India. We offer coaching to those students who choose Anthropology as their optional subject in the IAS exam. Mr. Pradip Kumar Sarkar, the chief of Sapiens IAS has taken the institute to an ultimate level.

Sapiens IAS has helped many students to achieve their dreams not only by teaching them the subject but also we encourage students to have a clear concept about civil service. Having a clear mindset about any goal increases the possibility of success, in Sapiens IAS we prioritize concept clearance above all.

Anthropology is a subject that requires extensive reading of not only IAS anthropology textbooks but also several case studies, reports and surveys along with them some literary works that depict various ideas of Anthropology. We in our course structure prioritize three factors FACTS, FRAMING, and FLOW.

We offer help in:
• Self Writing notes
• Diagrams
• Covering the whole content
• Different Interesting Fact
• Mind mapping of Different ages, times and cultures
• Self-awareness
• Case Studies
• Field analysis
• Different Reports and Documentaries

Anthropology Optional Syllabus for UPSC in 2020

We now also offer an anthropology test series to find out your weak zones and fix them with essential actions. It’s time to boost your confidence because our country needs your help and you need ours.

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