Where Can I Find the Best Teacher for Anthropology Optional at Delhi

There are many teachers for anthropology optional at Delhi, but the best is Pradip Sarkar Sir from Sapiens IAS coaching for anthropology. There are many students who were benefitted by anthropology optional coaching by Pradip Sir. He has given many selections and today his selected students are posted as IAS, IFS, IPS, IRS, etc. Some of the reasons for this recommendation are:

The Pattern Change:

The examination pattern has had a lot of changes and not many of the teachers have upgraded their teaching methodologies as per the changed rules to help students crack the exam. Pradip Sarkar Sir is very-well versed in the new pattern of the exam and he helps students to formulate a resulting strategy that helps students very much in the UPSC, IAS exams. 

Study Material:

The study material at SapiensIAS is highly beneficial for students that have taken anthropology optional and by notes provided by Pradip sir. The notes provide precise and detailed information on all-inclusive anthropology courses for UPSC. So, it cut down the number of books you have to buy just for a particular topic and then the books sit uselessly in your wardrobe. So, notes particularly are very beneficial for UPSC aspirants with anthropology optional. 

Years of Experience:

Pradip Sir established the institute in 2007 and now it has been a good 12 years. He is a highly experienced teacher who is dedicated to providing quality education and guidance to students for their 3600 development. He doesn’t stick to just class, rather he out-grows the boundaries to reach to students to find their major obstacles and resolve them. He himself has appeared in about 4 IAS interviews with Anthropology and Zoology as optional subjects. 

How is Pradip Sir for UPSC Anthropology Optional?

You Can Take Classes Online:

Yes, you can even choose to take the classes online. If it is not possible for you to come down to Delhi and start preparing, don’t compromise for a local teacher, take an online course where you can leverage excellent course material and knowledge of Pradip Sarkar Sir. 

Best Anthropology Optional Coaching Online – For Non Delhi UPSC / IAS Aspirants 

Live Sessions:

At Sapiens IAS there are live sessions, in which if you have opted for an online course you can approach him and clear your doubts. It is great flexibility to have while preparing for the UPSC exam. 


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Pradip Sir has a nationwide reputation. Anthropology optional coaching by Pradip Sir has students from all over India and he has helped hundreds of students to date in fulfilling their UPSC dream. His knowledge and past experience as a UPSC aspirant and a rank holder in UPSC are encouraging and helpful for students to work hard and work smart to hold the position they have always wanted.

Test Sessions:

Not just for offline students but regular test series is run for students who have associated with Sir online. The test series is very helpful as it gives a student close to the real experience of writing a UPSC paper which helps them a lot to improve. This practice allows them to make the speed that is very much needful for any UPSC exam.

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