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Zoology Optional Coaching for UPSC

ZOOLOGY is a biological science, dealing with animal kingdom scientifically. It is one of the popular optional subjects in upsc/pcs exam. which is highly scoring among science optional.

Zoology is the study of animals in a holistic manner. It studies position of species of animals in the animal kingdom, their roles and behaviors’ in ecosystem. How they are organized from molecular to higher level i.e. at the level of organ system, and how they evolved over the ages. The ultimate goal in zoology is to appreciate evolution and diversity in the animal kingdom.

One has to understand all these things as a student of zoology. These are quite technical and conceptual; however, zoology is usually opted by those who know the subject before hands. Students with zoology, botany, life science, biotechnology, medical science and pharmacy etc. background prefer to opt zoology optional. Since, they already understand the subject in varying degrees.

Zoology as a subject requires diagrammatic and structured presentation. Literary expression and presentation has several limitations, hence, key to success in zoology is diagrammatic approach. With regular study, intelligent hard work and reliable and authentic guidance one could secure very high score in zoology with certainty.