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Starting from 9th Sep. 2020

Top IFoS Zoology Institute in Uttar Pradesh

Sapiens IAS, known as one of the “best IAS coachings in Uttar Pradesh” which brings zoology optional coaching online to you. The UPSC exams are hard to crack. And thus, this is the reason Sapiens IAS has designed the model to study which helps students to clear the exam.

Mr. Pradip Sarkar is the creator of Sapiens IAS, who believe in helping students for 14 years. From the time of discovery, Sapiens IAS has its main focus on making zoology UPSC/IAS coaching reach to everyone which is now made possible by introducing online coaching for zoology IAS in Uttar Pradesh.

Our Zoology Class Summary

Course Duration New Batch Date Apply Pay
Duration 6 to 7 Months 9th Sep. 2020 Apply Now Pay Now

Features of our course

Sapiens IAS is the first one who introduced online coaching for zoology optional subject for UPSC or IAS. Our infrastructure now allows us to get in touch with all candidates all over the world offering best zoology online coaching for UPSC in Uttar Pradesh. We also conduct online zoology test series for preparing you for the real exam of UPSC and IAS.


When you visit UPSC zoology optional coaching online, you will get live sessions of classes in which online live session will allow you to get participate in the class.


Sapiens IAS provide you with study materials and resources related to exam papers. The one only coaching who covers the entire course of zoology optional.


At Sapiens IAS, we like students to get involved with the help of an interesting and challenging task of assignments for keeping your mind in a working state.


The online and offline zoology test series are conducted to evaluate students performance and guide them with feedback and comments for the preparation of UPSC exams.


Our dedicated expert teacher helps their students in any way they can and at any time. They are always ready to clear doubts or queries of candidates.


If your mind raises any queries or doubts related to topics taught in class, then you can ask your respective teacher anytime from anywhere or can ask directly to Mr. Pradip Sarkar.

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Our Popular Courses

We are thankful to Mr. Pradip Sarkar who is the founder of Sapiens IAS has claimed the self-top position in the industry. The zoology optional IAS coaching course is designed in such a way that it can be beneficial to the students for cracking the UPSC exams successfully. When you enroll for our zoology IAS coaching, then you will surely find out various courses which are divided into few categories.


Zoology Offline Class

Zoology offline classes are conducted at the institute whereas students can also go through video lectures. They are provided with classes at the institute.


Zoology Online Class

A zoology online classes are provided via video lectures as well as live sessions of classrooms. Students can sit at their home or anywhere and study accordingly.


Zoology Test Series

Sapiens IAS conducts an zoology test series for both online and offline students. A test can be given repeatedly by students for preparation of actual UPSC exam.

Popular videos

Are you interested in learning zoology from its root? If yes, go through our videos which are specially designed for you to get the deep and clear understanding of the subject. Watch zoology videos at anytime and anywhere while sitting comfortably at home. Mr. Pradip Sarkar shows his concepts of zoology IAS optional as well as its course.

Useful Articles

If you are in search of study materials for zoology optional, then don’t wait and check out our blogs and articles for resources of zoology. We provide blogs and articles on various topics of zoology optional and topics related to UPSC, IAS, and civil services exams. You will get more help from our articles.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How is zoology optional in UPSC for engineers?

It is preferable for everyone as it consists of various interesting topics of social science and biological life. It is just a rumor that it is made for medical students only. Sapiens IAS, the famous zoology coaching for IAS helps you out with this issue.

Which is considered as the best institute for zoology optional of IAS exam?

Zoology optional is the very interesting subject and Sapiens IAS, the well-known zoology institute in Uttar Pradesh makes it more interesting by its unique style of teaching. They even provide articles, study materials, and test series for better practice.

Is zoology a scoring subject in UPSC exams?

Yes, it is now considered as a scoring subject from last  2 to 3 years. It was not selected by students in last 10 year but it has drastically increased its demand with the help of the best zoology coaching for IAS, Sapiens IAS.

Is zoology a good optional subject for UPSC mains?

Yes, it is the best option to opt for UPSC exams as you can score high in UPSC examination for better results. Get enroll for zoology coaching for UPSC at Sapiens IAS.

Which is the well-known coaching for IAS zoology optional?

Sapiens IAS is the well-known zoology optional coaching for IAS in Uttar Pradesh which provides the best useful and popular video lectures as well as doubt sessions for solving the queries of students in any topics of zoology.

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