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Top UPSC IFS Zoology Coaching in Punjab

If you are interested in taking Zoology optional subject in IAS, then Sapiens IAS will be your best option for choosing zoology coaching for IAS in Punjab. Sapiens IAS is a well-known UPSC training institute in India with training centers spread all over India. 

Sapiens IAS is the reputable institute which provides both offline and online zoology optional IAS coaching in India. Started by Mr. Pradip Sarkar over 14 years ago, it is one of the most trusted UPSC zoology institutes in Punjab which offer innovative and unique teaching of zoology optional. Sapiens IAS helps students in the preparation of UPSC.

Our Zoology Class Summary

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Features of our course

Being the industry leader from the last 14 years, Sapiens IAS provides is the first optional zoology UPSC coaching institute in Punjab online. At Sapiens IAS we have an expert mind faculty who constantly work towards students overall improvement and achievement. With our Zoology test series, the student will be able to analyze their strengths and weaknesses.


Sapiens IAS offers online teaching sessions for Zoology optional. Student can either attend live sessions or can learn from the recorded sessions.


We are the only institute that covers the entire syllabus before the examination. In both of our offline and online courses, we cover the entire syllabus of anthropology and zoology.


At Sapiens IAS we have a professional faculty who constantly work towards the student success and helps them to crack UPSC exam.


Our study materials are well designed in accordance with the UPSC exam which helps the student in their preparation.


If you have doubts and questions or you want to submit an assignment just take part in our live doubt clearing session with your teacher and get the evaluation in real time.


Sapiens IAS has UPSC oriented Zoology test series which are conducted on regular intervals to help students prepare for the exam easily.

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Our Popular Courses

Sapiens IAS is a reputable institution and is known for providing comprehensive teaching for Zoology. At Sapiens we aim at making the study more accessible and reliable. Our Zoology course is classified into three courses which are as follows:

Zoology Offline Class

Sapiens IAS offers Zoology offline classes where a student can attend in-classroom sessions which are held in small groups at regular intervals.

Zoology Online Class

With the state in art technology, Sapiens IAS offers reliable Zoology online Classes. With our online classes, anyone can access our online classes from anywhere.

Zoology Test Series

Regular Zoology test series are conducted both offline and online to evaluate the performance of students. Our 2019 Zoology test series is available online.

Popular videos

Besides our online live sessions, we have curated a series of videos to help you learn Zoology optional and zoology coursework. Our esteem faculty member Mr. Pradip Sarkar curated these video lessons to explain the concept of Anthropology and zoology. Check them out to step ahead in your learning.

Useful Articles

For all the latest information about UPSC exam or related Sapiens IAS activities check out our IAS exam preparation blog to stay updated. Here you will get to know more about Anthropology and zoology course or UPSC news. There are provided with study materials and resources, articles on any topics or concepts related to zoology optional.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Which is recognized as the best zoology coaching for IAS/UPSC?

Sapiens IAS coaching of zoology optional in Punjab is known as the best zoology coaching for IAS as it provides offline sessions at the Institute as well as online classes for those who cannot come to Delhi institute all over the world. They provide a platform for participating in the live classes and make it interactive sessions.

Is Zoology optional good for UPSC?

A Zoology is a good option in UPSC but a conceptual understanding of the student is essential. With the removal of various topics from it like Development Zoology, Ethnicity, Reproductive Biology, Twins, etc. has become a popular choice in UPSC. Sapiens IAS, the zoology optional IAS coaching provides you with the best resources for preparation.

When to start the preparation for optional Zoology?

Like all other optional subjects in UPSC, Zoology requires in-depth study. At Least 8 month prior to the examination candidate must start preparing the subject. Sapiens IAS is the only one zoology coaching for UPSC and IAS, which covers the entire syllabus on time for the examination.

How to score more in optional Zoology?

With an in-depth study from various sources will increase your understanding of the subject. Prepare yourself topic wise. Beforehand preparation is the key to success. A good test preparation institute will help you understand the concept well along with test preparation with a regular test. The more you take the test, the more you understand the subject matter. And meeting all these requirements is the only zoology coaching for IAS named as Sapiens IAS.

Which is the coaching of zoology for IAS providing proper guidance?

Sapiens IAS, the famous zoology coaching in Punjab, is the best coaching of IAS who not only offers to teach but also provide guidance to the students appearing in UPSC examination. They provide all those materials which are needed for cracking the UPSC examination.

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