Zoology Optional Test Series for UPSC, IAS, CSE Mains in 2020

If you are searching for UPSC IAS IFoS Zoology test series for Civil Services mains exam then you would not get the best institute other than sapiens IAS. The test series designed by sapiens IAS is completely related to the UPSC examination pattern. Our “Zoology optional test series” develop a sense of confidence among the aspirants so that they can attain success in the mains examination. Some aspirants prefer to take test series from their home then they can go with our UPSC Zoology online test series and can test their level of preparedness. Our test series aims to provide an overall improvement in your preparation.

Sapiens IAS is India’s topmost institute for UPSC zoology optional coaching as it provides innovative and exclusive teaching methodologies. We are well-known for our dedication, discipline, and determination. Unlike other institutes, we always complete the syllabus well on time. To increase the accessibility of quality guidance, we also offer online coaching for Zoology optional. Students who want to prepare at their homes, can join our online classes and avail the best classes for their preparation.

About faculty


Mr. Pradip Sarkar is one of the best teachers for Zoology optional who founded Sapiens IAS in 2007. Under his mentorship, numerous students have cleared one of the prestigious and most-reputed exams without any anxiety and are currently serving the country as an Administrative officer and leading a wonderful life.

Test Series Details

Sapiens IAS provides the best IFoS Zoology optional test series online as well as offline. It has been observed that the students who have regularly attended our IFoS Zoology test series have scored maximum marks in mains (more than 300) and some of them have bagged rank below 50.    

SL. NO.Test DetailsTest NameTest Content Details
117.06.2018TOPICS (1.1 TO 1.3) AND ANTHROPOLOGICAL THEORIES (6).12 PM to 3 PM
224.06.2018PHYSICAL ANTHROPOLOGY(1.4 TO 1.7).do
301.07.2018SOCIAL INSTITUTIONS(2.1 -5) & TOPICS (7 & 8)do
408.07.2018Second paper (1.1 -5.3) & Prehistoric anthropology (1.7-b)do
515.07.2018Second paper (6.3 -9.3)do
622.07.2018Physical anthropology (9.1-12)do
729.07.2018Paper -1do
912.08.2018Paper-1 and Paper-209:30 AM TO 12:30 PM , 2:30PM TO 5:30 PM

Our Zoology Class Summary

Course DurationNew Batch DateCOURSE FEEApplyPay
49900 INRApply NowPay Now

Have You any Doubts Regarding Zoology

Features of our Zoology Optional

There is not a single reason for choosing Sapiens IAS for Zoology coaching for IAS IFoS Exam. It is one of the well-reputed and well-known institutes for its scientific and excellent teaching methodologies. Mr. Pradip Sarkar boasts a solid foundation and continuous growth of the institute with his brilliant teaching skills and valuable guidance to the students. Our aim is to provide assistance to aspiring Civil Servants across the nation in reaching their goals. Unlike most institutes, our Civil Services Zoology optional coaching is known to cover the entire syllabus well on time. Some of the qualities of our institute are as:


The efforts and dedication of Mr. Pradip Sarkar is the secret behind the success of Sapiens IAS. He is one of the best teachers for Zoology optional who always motivate aspirants.


The test series plays a very important role to clear UPSC Civil Services exam. Therefore, Sapiens IAS provides accurate and standard IFoS Zoology test series.


We are known to complete the entire syllabus well before the mains examination. All our classes are recorded using standard equipment hence no UPSC Zoology class will be missed.


Have you ever wondered if taking online classes to study Zoology? If yes, then Sapiens IAS would be the best alternative for you as it provides the best Zoology optional online coaching.


The selection of an accurate study material directly influences the probability of cracking civil services exam. Therefore, Sapiens IAS has prepared well-organized study material for Zoology optional. 


Aspirants can come up with their queries and doubts anytime during or after the class. We are always ready to solve their problems and providing them with the best possible solution.

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Our Popular Courses

Zoology is optional that could be opted by all those aspirants who have the interest to know about animals as Zoology is the study of animals. It does not need specialization because UPSC always asks direct questions from Zoology. We have various courses for students to score maximum marks in Zoology optional. The courses provided by the best coaching for IFoS Zoology optional test series include:

Zoology Offline Class

These are the regular offline classes that are scheduled at our institute. These classes involve proper student-faculty interaction and overall personality development of the aspirants.

Zoology Online Class

We offer UPSC online coaching for Zoology optional with live assignments and doubt clearing sessions. These classes are designed to increase the accessibility of standard education.

Zoology Test Series (Online/Offline)

We offer IFoS Zoology optional test series online as well as offline for those aspirants who want to test their level of preparedness from their homes.

Popular Videos

Sapiens IAS is also providing video lecture of Zoology for UPSC. These videos are equally recommended for all those students who are preparing for Zoology optional whether online or offline. This online Zoology class on YouTube will give an added perspective to your subject knowledge. These lectures will not only help you in gaining conceptual clarity but also enhance your knowledge beyond the syllabus.

Useful Articles

Do you want to receive every update regarding UPSC, civil services, Anthropology, Zoology optional for IAS, examination dates, syllabus and pattern? If so, start reading our Zoology UPSC blog. We regularly post various articles on our website. Aspirants can also avail completely designed study material and test series as per UPSC standards. Stay tuned with us and receive every important news related to UPSC.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Which is the best optional subject for the UPSC CSE mains?

It is a very important decision to select the best optional for UPSC CSE mains because your wrong decision will directly influence your ranking. Always go with the subject in which you have an interest or the one related to your graduation background.

Is Zoology a good optional for IAS?

If you have an interest in the study of animals, then you can select Zoology as your optional subject. With Zoology, one can score maximum marks because UPSC always asks straight forward questions in this subject. One can thoroughly study all the topics mentioned in the syllabus of Zoology.

Which one has better career options: Zoology or Botany?

Both subjects have their own specialty. You need to find your goal, aim, passion and then decide the better field for you, how it will help you to achieve your goal, how it can benefit for your future, once you decide all these things then you can easily understand which one is better for you.

Which is the best coaching for Zoology optional for Civil Services?

Sapiens IAS is one of the best coachings for Zoology optional. It offers a dynamic and interactive educational environment that develops a sense of competitiveness among the aspirants and show then the right direction for making their career as a Civil Servant.

Who provides the best test series for the UPSC Zoology optional?

Sapiens IAS provides the best test series for UPSC Zoology optional as it has achieved amazing quality when it comes to questions and strategy planning. Its test series is widely used by UPSC aspirants due to its flexible timings and generous schedule.

Which is the best faculty for UPSC Zoology?

Mr. Pradip Sarkar, director, and mentor of Sapiens IAS is the best faculty for UPSC Zoology. He has more than 10 years of teaching experience in this field of Civil Services. He is very enthusiastic in matters of preparation and personally goes out of the way to help the aspirants.

How do I prepare for Zoology optional for Civil Services?

I won’t say that you cannot prepare for Zoology yourselves but if you need proper guidance and conceptual understanding of the subject then you should join a good Zoology optional coaching institute. We recommend Sapiens IAS as it is the best Zoology coaching for IFoS exam because they offer an effective teaching methodology.

Which is the best online coaching for Zoology optional for IAS?

Online coaching plays a very important role for all those who cannot attend regular offline classes. Hence, we recommend Sapiens IAS for the best UPSC online coaching for Zoology optional as it is a great substitute for Zoology offline classes.

From where can I get the best online test series for Zoology optional?

If you are searching for the online IFoS Zoology test series, Sapiens IAS would be the best option for you. It has been observed that those students who regularly attend their online test series have performed exceptionally well in the final examination.

What are the most important things we should take care of before selecting the optional subject for the UPSC Mains?

Before selecting an optional subject for UPSC mains always think about all these things and then make the best selection. The subject should be of your interest, scoring, appropriate study material for that should be available, if possible then select from your graduation subjects.

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