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Best UPSC Online Anthropology Optional Coaching Institute in Punjab

Looking for the best Optional Anthropology coaching in Punjab then, Sapiens IAS will be your best solution. Optional Anthropology is a good choice while appearing for UPSC exam and Sapiens IAS will help you in scoring best marks in it. Launched 14 years ago by Mr. Pradip Sarkar who is Sapiens IAS director as well as esteem faculty. Sapiens IAS is a most trusted and reputable coaching institute for Optional Anthropology and Zoology based in Delhi with centers all over India. With the help of cutting edge technology and state of art facilities that facilitate comfortable learning environment aim to reach out to Civil Services aspirants across the country and help them in their overall preparation.

Optional Anthropology is most scoring and at Sapiens IAS we offer both online and offline optional Anthropology coaching. At Sapiens, we prepare you in well advance with regular mock test and meticulously designed syllabus.

Our professional faculty constantly work towards your overall improvement and help you prepare better for the exam. Our anthropology optional classes are known to cover the entire syllabus and are UPSC exam oriented.

Our Anthropology Class Summary

Course Duration New Batch Date Apply Pay
Arround 3.5 Months 9th Sep. 2020 Apply Now Pay Now

Features of our course

Sapiens IAS is a reputedcoaching institute in Delhi for shaping the lives of IAS aspirants. Sapiens IAS is a renowned provider of optional Anthropology and Zoology coaching. At Sapiens we believe in “Well begun is half done!” that’s why we have an expert team to provide you advice and tips to know the insights of IAS. Our students have cleared the IAS exams and now are very successful in their life too.

Live Classes

Sapiens IAS offers both offline and online coaching sessions. Live Online classes are one of its key features and with the help of it anyone can learn anywhere at the comfort of their home.

Comprehensive Syllabus

Sapiens IAS is the only institute known for covering entire syllabus preparing you in well advance for the exam. Our syllabus covers all aspects of UPSC exam thus helps you a more conceptual understanding of the subject.

Mock Test Series

At Sapiens, we conduct a regular mock test in order to evaluate your progress. With our regular tests, a student will able to analyze their strengths and weaknesses and also the mock test will enable you for the real exam.

UPSC Oriented Study Material

Our well-designed study material is based on UPSC. It covers all aspects of UPSC exam and well designed by our expert faculty members.

Experienced Faculty

We have expert professional faculty who work round the clock for improving the overall preparation of the students.

Live Doubt Clearing

If you have any doubts or question regarding the exam you can get answers to your questions from your teacher with our live doubt clearing sessions. Submit your assignments, ask your doubts and get the evaluation instantly.

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Our Popular Courses

Sapiens is the known name in the Optional Anthropology coaching. We aim at providing expert guidance which helps students in overall preparation and achieving great results in the exam. Our optional Anthropology is divided into following groups:

Anthropology Offline Class

Our state in art class features small groups and expert faculty enable students to learn well. Sapiens IAS has center all over India where both offline and online courses are offered.

Anthropology Online Class

With our online Anthropology class, students can either learn from our live sessions or from the recorded sessions. Online classes enable students to learn anywhere.

Anthropology Test Series

Our optional Anthropology test series is UPSC based and is conducted regularly to evaluate the progress of the students.

Popular videos

At Sapiens IAS we have compiled our best learning videos curated by our esteem faculty and director Mr. Pradip Sarkar. In these videos, Mr. Sarkar guides students about optional Anthropology syllabus. With these videos, students can learn in advance. Check out our videos as they are released online on our website. View All

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the meaning of optional Anthropology?

With the amendment in UPSC exam 2013, led to the changes in optional subjects in UPSC exam Anthropology is the widely opted optional subject and considered as a good option. Anthropology is the branch of study of human biological and physical characteristics. It also studies human evolution. It is the study of mankind, past and present, including human culture and human development. Sapiens IAS, the anthropology coaching in Punjab covers the entire subject.

What are the pros and cons of Optional Anthropology?

Optional Anthropology is the good choice in UPSC and considered to be most scoring but it depends on the conceptual understanding of the subject. Score high with the help of anthropology coaching in Punjab at Sapiens IAS.
Pros of the Optional Anthropology
A syllabus is not very dynamic and is the same for a very long time.
● The easy subject to the educational background does not matter.
● Easy to understand and remember
● Very scoring
Cons of the optional Anthropology
● A syllabus is very vast
● Since the subject is easy to answer your question differently is a little difficult.

Which is better Optional Anthropology or Geography ?

Both Anthropology and Geography are good Optional in UPSC but it depends upon the student interest and the conceptual understanding. If you are good at reading, then Anthropology is good but if you want to swim in the ocean then Geography is good. But are very scoring. Get enrolled in the best anthropology coaching in Punjab at Sapiens IAS for the anthropology of UPSC. However, the difference lies in both are as follows
● The syllabus is huge in Geography whereas the syllabus is static in Anthropology
● Geography has more competition as compared to Anthropology
● If you like reading articles or books then Anthropology is your subject and if you like concept based then Geography is your hit.

Is Sapiens IAS good for Optional Anthropology?

Sapiens IAS is a pioneer in Optional Anthropology coaching in Punjab. It offers both offline and online optional Anthropology courses. With its well-designed syllabus and expert team of faculty, Sapiens IAS is trusted nationwide for Optional Anthropology coaching.

When and How to Prepare for Optional Anthropology?

The concept of Anthropology depends on the student understanding of the subject. Start your preparation at least 8 months prior to the exam. Start reading the books and learn from previous year question papers. Take regular test by anthropology test series of Sapiens IAS, best ever anthropology coaching in Punjab to analyze your performance.

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