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Starting from 9th Sep. 2020

Best IAS Online Anthropology Coaching in Jammu for UPSC Exam

Sapiens IAS is recognized as one of the best and well-known “UPSC coaching centers in Jammu, India“. We are expertise in optional anthropology coaching for IAS. Our training institute is popular across all the parts of the country for having creative and innovative ideas of teaching styles. It has been started around 14 years ago with the help of Mr.Pradip Sarkar. Sapiens IAS have developed their institute and took it to the top position by their continuous growth.

Our focus is to help civil servants achieve their aim all over the world. Our anthropology optional coaching class cover full anthropology optional syllabus with a deep understanding of concepts and theories. This provides our students to have a more detailed understanding of the subject.

So, are you interested in taking anthropology tuition for IAS? If your answer is yes, then get enrolled in Sapiens IAS, the best-known anthropology coaching for UPSC exams. Most of our students reached great heights after clearing the IAS exams.

Our Anthropology Class Summary

Course Duration New Batch Date Apply Pay
Arround 3.5 Months 9th Sep. 2020 Apply Now Pay Now

Features of Our Course

Since many years of experience in this field, Sapiens IAS have secured the title of the well-known anthropology coaching for UPSC in India. We work here with thousands of brilliant and intelligent mind all over the world per year. we provide them with a better understanding and prepare them with the strong competition in the UPSC exam.

Besides coaching and training, we also offer them with anthropology test series known as the mock test which gives students the idea of an exam, their strength, and weakness. Students are allowed to give repeated test one after one by preparing themselves for the actual competitive UPSC exam.

Live Classes

Sapiens IAS offers you both offline as well as an online session of coaching for anthropology. You can get involved in the live session or watch the recorded one according to your time.

Focused Study Materials

Sapiens IAS coaching is one and only class which covers the entire course of anthropology in limited time. We provide best anthropology study materials which are focused and exam-oriented.

Experienced Faculty Members

Number of Assignments

To get the effective result in the UPSC exam, we provide a student with a huge task of assignments which is evaluated properly by feedbacks or comments about assignments of teachers.

Interactive Doubt Sessions

If you have any doubts and questions which you need to clear for exams, then our teacherare always there to help you with your questions.

Continuous Tests

Sapiens IAS conducts an anthropology test series online for students to have an idea of their progress in the subject. This test helps our students to score good marks in final exam.

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Our Popular Courses

Sapiens IAS have their reputation in this field where we design anthropology optional coaching course carefully with providing best guideline for success in UPSC mains exam. When you enroll in anthropology IAS coaching, you will find various categories of our courses.


Anthropology Offline Class

Sapiens IAS coaching of anthropology offers you test series online as well as offline. This anthropology test series is designed in such a way that students get practice of giving actual UPSC exam.


Anthropology Online Class

Our optional anthropology offline class are taken in regular batches and are popular for its environment and comfortable area including high-tech tools. Sessions are arranged in small groups.


Anthropology Test Series

We also offer anthropology online coaching of IAS which makes it more accessible to students. You can take part in this session from anywhere and anytime you want.

Popular Videos

There are many videos which are suggested for online and offline students as well. These videos of anthopology optional are useful for students with an additional perspective on the subject of their choice. If you want to go beyond the course, then you must surely watch these videos.

Useful Articles

Are you interested to make strategies for an exam withanthropology coaching of UPSC? If yes, then keep yourself updated with our blog. We post some new topics and concepts related to UPSC, IAS, and civil services including anthropology regularly.

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Frequently Asked Questions

When should I start preparation of anthropology optional?

You must start your optional anthropology coaching in Jammu, from at least eight months prior to your preliminary exam that means the last week of July to April till the date of the exam. You must prepare yourself with general science for both prelims as well as the main exam.

Is anthropology an easy subject for UPSC examination?

Yes, it is considered as interesting and easy subject as it includes exciting and fun giving topics of culture, social science, biology etc. Sapiens IAS, anthropology coaching in Jammu makes anthropology subject more interesting by arranging test series and live sessions.

Is it best to select anthropology as optional for CSE?

Yes, it is the best option to choose anthropology and prefer Sapiens IAS, the best anthropology coaching in Jammu as it has a combination of syllabus consisting of evolution, biology, genetics and little about human cells.

How is anthropology considered optional in UPSC?

Anthropology is optional for UPSC as it is a social science and not a biological science such as history, economics, political science and sociology which is well known optional subject in IAS/UPSC/PSC exams. Sapiens IAS, the famous anthropology coaching in Jammu is preferred by most students for preparation of exams.

Is anthropology the scoring subject in UPSC/IAS exams?

Yes, it is a scoring subject in UPSC/IAS examination. You can score above 300 in anthropology optional subject by preparing it for around 4 to 5 months. Getting enrolled at Sapiens IAS, anthropology coaching in Jammu, you have the probability of scoring high.

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