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About faculty

Every coaching institute is known for its teachers and faculty. Sapiens IAS is no different. In fact, our leader and mentor Mr. Pradip Sarkar is widely known for his industry experience and command over the subject he teaches. It won’t be wrong to say that Mr. Sarkar has redefined anthropology coaching with his innovative thinking and teaching process.


15+ Years of Experience

Why Choose Anthropology Optional for UPSC

Selecting an optional subject for the UPSC civil services can be difficult. There are many subjects to choose from. However, if you are interested in social sciences, you may consider anthropology as your optional. Anthropology is different from most other subjects that you have grown up studying. That is why our “UPSC anthropology coaching classes” are designed to give you an in-depth idea of what it is all about. Here are a few more reasons for choosing anthropology as your optional.


The optional subject covers 500 marks, and how well you do can determine your future. The good thing is that anthropology is a scoring subject. With our guided IAS anthropology coaching, you are sure to ace the exam.


Students from any background can choose anthropology. Students from all backgrounds such as arts, science and commerce can opt for this optional. MCA, MBA, engineers and doctors can also choose anthropology optional.


Anthropology is a vast subject, and the syllabus may seem too extensive. However, at Sapiens IAS, we have devised the “best strategy for completing the entire syllabus in just 3 months”. We provide our anthropology optional classes for UPSC 5 days per week.


If you study the question papers of previous years, you would notice that the format and style of the questions are to the point and straightforward. You can prepare notes and study the answers to popular questions. You can memorize and revise these answers for the exam as well.


Our UPSC anthropology optional coaching will show you that anthropology is the study of social concepts that we are already familiar with. Examples include religion, politics, economy, family and kinship, marriage and so on. This familiarity makes anthropology interesting and easy to learn.


At Sapiens IAS, you will find a helpful community of teachers and other students. We have plenty of useful resources to share with the students. From books to suggestions and notes, you will get all types of guidance from us.
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How many candidates take Anthropology optional?

Although the number of candidates who take up anthropology as their optional is not as high as subjects like public administration or geography, anthropology enjoys a relatively high success rate which hovers around 10%. According to the latest figures, in 2016, 345 candidates had opted for anthropology out of which 37 candidates cleared the exam giving a success rate of 10.7%. The following table gives the number of candidates who appeared for the IAS exam with anthropology as the optional vis-a-vis the number of candidates who cleared the exam with it.

Year No. of candidates appeared No. of candidates recommended Success rate (%)
2011 463 61 13.2
2012 579 38 6.6
2013 449 53 11.8
2014 619 68 11
2015 641 95 14.8
2016 345 37 10.7

Toppers with Anthropology optional

There have been many toppers who had anthropology as their optional subject. The most recent being Anudeep Durishetty who bagged the first all-India rank in the 2017 UPSC exam.

The next table gives a list of a few toppers who had anthropology as their optional.

Name Year Rank
Anudeep Durishetty 2017 1
Sachin Gupta 2017 3
Koya Sree Harsha 2017 6
Milind Bapna 2016 61
Devendra Kumar 2016 97
Samir Saurabh 2016 127
Kirthi Chekuri 2015 14
Neha Kumari 2014 26
Arunraj 2014 34
Raja Gopal Sunkara 2014 49

About Sapiens IAS Anthropology Optional Coaching

SAPIENS IAS is one of the prominent IAS Coaching institutes of India. Pradip Kumar Sarkar is its Director and mentor, he founded it in 2007. Pradip Kumar Sarkar has more than 12 years of teaching experience in the field of IAS coaching. He has successfully guided hundreds of students to achieve their dream-career i.e. IAS, IFS, IPS, IRS and other allied services.

  • Live and recorded class of the entire syllabus with unlimited time.
  • live doubt clearing and interaction with teacher
  • Live assignment submissions and evaluation by teacher
  • Complete, well processed meticulously designed study materials i.e. ready to write form.
  • UPSC oriented test series to streamline answer writing skill for higher scoring (more than 300+ marks).
  • Highly experienced and professionally committed faulty.
  • Comprehensive and time bond coverage of the syllabus.

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Why Choose Us for Anthropology UPSC Coaching in India

Through years of hard work and dedication, Sapiens IAS has established itself as the best anthropology UPSC coaching institute in India. Thousands of students and aspiring candidates resort to our anthropology offline/online coaching for UPSC every year. The same can be said about zoology optional online class. Our extensive courses and study materials help you to ace the online zoology UPSC test series and anthropology test series online. Here are a few more reasons why you should choose us:

Live and recorded class of the entire syllabus with unlimited time.

Complete, well processed meticulously designed study materials i.e. ready to write form.

UPSC oriented test series to streamline answer writing skill for higher scoring (more than 300+ marks).

Live and recorded class of the entire syllabus with unlimited time.

Comprehensive and time bond coverage of the syllabus.

Only Sapiens IAS providing complete study materials for Anthropology
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