Sapiens IAS Anthropology Optional Class for Civil Services Exam

Are you planning to appear for the IAS exam anytime soon and searching for some good sure-shot ways that can help you? Then, Sapiens IAS is here to help you out with one of the most important ways which can surely become your road map to success. We are one of the most renowned and reputed IAS coaching institute and have a very good experience of teaching out students Anthropology, which is one of the main scoring subjects of the IAS exam. Aspirants from around the country come to us and join the Sapiens IAS Anthropology Online Classes for studying the subject so that their chances of clearing the exam aces up.

About Sapiens

Being one of the premier institutes for the UPSC preparation, Sapiens IAS has been the most considered one by the students since it got started. Founded in the year 2007, under the guidance of Mr. Pradip Sarkar, this institute has always aimed at providing its students with the best education so that clearing IAS can become easy for them. We have been experiencing growth since the time we began and are constantly giving our best to let the students achieve their dreams by helping them through Sapiens anthropology classes.

Currently, we are providing expertise in two subjects and are ensuring that they have the best experience with us. With our assistance, we bet the students will surely be able to get good marks required for clearing IAS, IFS, and IRS. Not only this, but we also provide our students with Sapiens IAS anthropology test series online to get better with the subject.

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Why Join Sapiens IAS?

If you wish to study anthropology as a optional, then Sapiens IAS is the best place for you. Mr. Pradip Sarkar has been teaching the subject in the best way for the last 15th years and hence we can now surely rely on the institute. Here are a few reasons as to why we need to choose Sapiens for anthropology classes.

  • The Sapiens anthropology classes online are good for the students who stay at a distance. For making sure that they can learn the subject properly we have been providing them with the best material by post.
  • Other than this, the faculty is choosing the most efficient only e platforms to get in touch with the students who take up the online classes.
  • We have been constantly working on making sure that we can be in touch with the students 24X7 without fail. This will help them in solving any doubts at any hour of the day.
  • Our mock anthropology test series have been very helpful for the students.
  • At Sapiens IAS, we have a very dedicated team that is consistently working day and night for preparing the best notes with the latest updates on the subject for the students.



Anthropology Courses by Sapiens IAS

Anthropology is an important subject of the UPSC exam and has been a scoring subject too. It covers the biological and socio-cultural aspects of the man in terms of variation and evolution. Almost all the students, be it from medical or non-medical choose this subject since it is a social science of scientific nature. In this subject you will be learning about the behavior, origin, social, physical and cultural development of the humans. We would suggest the students to choose anthropology as their optional because:

  • Most of the students be it from any background can choose anthropology as their optional
  • It is a huge subject and the syllabus is also too extensive, therefore, we have designed the best strategies to complete it on time.
  • High-scoring subject it is and with us, you will surely ace the exam.

About our Faculty

UPSC is a very challenging exam for the students and requires an expert who can guide the students. Hence, Mr. Pradip Sarkar who has an experience of more than a decade in this field s all set to help the students. He had very successfully scored 349 in anthropology which we the highest score at that time in the country. It is inevitable, that Mr. Pradip is providing the best education to the students for clearing the IAS exam.


  1. What is the plan of the test series of the Sapiens IAS?

Anthropology test series of the Sapiens IAS for anthropology class consists of 12 tests. Out of this, the ten are wise tests and two are comprehensive tests. At the Sapiens IAS anthropology test series, we also take discussion classes after every test so that no one remains with any type of doubt.

  1. How do we get the study material for the anthropology?

We have provided the study material to all our students and made sure to update it with the latest information. Anthropology study material will be sent to you by courier or else you can download it from the website.

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