How to Choose the Right Optional Subject for UPSC Civil Services Exams

Choosing an optional subject is always a tricky matter in UPSC. This depends on multiple variables that you have to bring under consideration. In this article, we are going to discuss and try to simplify the complicated matter.

What are the key-facts to keep in mind while choosing an optional subject? 

> General Interest

> Current Popularity

> Strong Zones

> Scoring Rate

General Interest 

Having a general interest in a subject makes the work easier for students to choose a subject. Like if one student has interest in anthropology, he/she likes the evolution of humankind, the process of civilization and things related to the subject, it would be way more helpful than the one who knows nothing.

Strong Zones

If you don’t have general interest or any curiosity in any of the subjects, you should follow this process. In this process you have to assess your strong zones. Carefully go through the list of optional available. (The list is given below.) Then choose some subjects that you feel comfortable in.

After choosing the subjects, carefully read the syllabus of those subjects. Click the link to get the syllabus. You’ll surely find some strong zones, some topics that you have either studied in previous years or you feel comfortable about them. Choose that for your optional.

Current Popularity

Now, if both of the above mentioned ways have failed for you, then don’t worry, you have another point to consider. And that is, choose a subject which is currently popular amongst students. Anthropology is a currently popular subject, mostly because of its recently shortened syllabus. So, go for this kind of subject that is easier to score.

But, you have to be responsible in selecting a subject based on current popularity. That is where the next point comes in.

Scoring Rate

When you choose a subject for UPSC optional, make sure it has higher scoring rates. Don’t go for a subject that has a bad record in scoring. Research about the previous year scores and rankings, make some calculations about it and then choose one. Read our other articles to know more on this topic 

How many optional subjects are there in IAS exam/UPSC?

There are 25 optional subjects in UPSC.

SN NO List of optional subjects in UPSC
1 Agriculture
2 Animal Husbandry and Veterinary Science
3 Anthropology
4 Botany
5 Chemistry
6 Civil Engineering
7 Commerce & Accountancy
8 Economics
9 Electrical Engineering
10 Geography
11 Geology
12 History
13 Law
14 Management
15 Mathematics
16 Mechanical Engineering
17 Medical Science
18 Philosophy
19 Physics
20 Political Science & International Relations
21 Psychology
22 Public Administration
23 Sociology
24 Statistics
25 Zoology

How is Anthropology as an optional for IAS?

Anthropology is lately being considered as a high-scoring subject. Due to the recent shortening of the syllabus, it is currently the subject with the least syllabus in UPSC. Read our full article to know more about choosing Anthropology as an optional.



Which optional subject is best for UPSC for engineering student?

Most of the people ask, can Engineers opt for civil service? Why not! There are plenty of optional subjects for Engineers. Civil, Electrical, Mechanical engineering are available as optional in UPSC. Also, you can even select for Medical science, mathematics or physics as an optional.

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Frequently Asked Questions regarding the topics 

Which is the easiest optional subject for UPSC?

There are no units to measure the difficulty of any subject. However, you can calculate your ability according to the subjects or syllabus. Refer to our complete article to know more about choosing the right optional.

Which optional subject has highest success rate in UPSC?

Subjects like anthropology or zoology has been consistent in scoring higher marks and clearing UPSC. So, if you are interested in choosing from any of the subjects you can read our articles on Anthropology and Zoology. 

Which optional subject should I choose for IAS?

Choosing the right optional subject for UPSC depends completely on the choice of the student. Though it is recommended to choose a subject, the student is familiar with. Read our latest blog on this topic.

Can an average student crack UPSC?

Not everyone is genius and clearing UPSC is not necessarily a genius’s deed. Prepare yourself properly, hard toil has no option. Check our other articles on UPSC exam, you can also subscribe to our online course or you can avail our offline IAS coaching in Delhi NCR.

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