Is It Wise To Choose Anthropology As Optional For CSE?

Yes, it’s definitely a wise decision. The subject has a mixed syllabus. It contains Evolution, Biology part specifically Genetics(including few more topics) and little about human cell. This portion comprises of 25% of paper 1. Rest 75% is all sociology, that too static part. Paper 2 deals with Indian Anthropology as a whole including philosophy ( karma, rina, etc..)in just one unit.

For any student it becomes a suitable subject as it’s definitely interesting . I have seen mostly engineering students opting for Anthropology because of its static nature. Moreover the subject is widespread it covers many topics of essay like of social issues, tribal India, topics from ancient history and also of polity as it covers gobernatorial office plus schedule 5 and 6 in detail. As far as diagrams are concerned, you can attempt or leave the questions which ask for a diagrammatic representation. Although there is no compulsion to draw in every question on Evolution. Moreover my teachers have guided me not to draw in the answers as the examiner has no time to check your art skills. He is there to check you knowledge.

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