For almost thousands and thousands of students every year, UPSC is an aim. They aspire to crack the exam to be a contributor to the nation by serving the people of India. However, it is never tough to compete for the UPSC exam, as this prestigious exam comes with many challenges. Be it prelims, mains, and interviews, there is a lot that you need to be prepped up for. Hence, we at Sapiens IAS are here to give you a brief idea of how to prepare for UPSC. In this blog, we will talk in brief about how you can begin with it.

What is the UPSC exam?

We know that many of you must be completely aware of what is the UPSC exam; however, we have still explained it to you. Union Public Service Commission is the topmost central agency of India which conducts the exams like Civil Service Exam. These exams are taken to recruit the candidates of the top government services like IPS, IAS, and IFS. You will be glad to know that UPSC can admit the candidates to both the defense and civil services.

How to Start UPSC Exam Preparation?

There is a lot that you need to do for your UPSC exam preparation. For all those who often question how to start preparing for UPSC, we have an answer for you. So, here we, along with the advice of experts at Sapiens IAS, have provided you some important steps that you need to follow.

  1. Get in touch with experts to know what the syllabus of UPSC is. It will help you know which topics are needed to stress and the ones you need to avoid. This will give you a clear idea of what you need to focus on scoring good marks.
  2. Next, you should think about looking for the best books that will provide you the right material for studying. The experts will also help you sort out the books that are usually preferred by the UPSC aspirants.
  3. By taking the help of the experts at Sapiens IAS, you can also get your hands on the UPSC exam study notes. The experts will curate these notes to get here with all the latest details related to the current trends.
  4. Not only this, side-by-side, you can also start making your study notes and practice the answer writing. This will help you learn how you can write long and elaborated answers in the exam for good scores.
  5. Also, make sure that you need to focus on practicing diagrams more and more whenever you are prepping up for the exam. It will make it easy for you to memorize the pictures and graphs properly for being able to score good marks.
  6. Other than this, if you wish to know how to make notes for UPSC, then you can certainly take help from our experts. They will guide you through this and help you by providing the best study materials.
  7. Once you are done making notes and practicing answers, you can then appear for the mock test series conducted by the online coaching classes.

These were some important tips for all those who want to know how to start preparation for UPSC exam.

Which Optional Subject is the Best for UPSC Exam?

Also, while you are preparing for the exam, make sure that you decide that out of all optional subjects which one is the best for you. Although this one is an individual choice, we suggest you choose anthropology as an optional subject for the exam with our experience at Sapiens IAS. It is because anthropology, when compared to other subjects, has been very much easier for the students. Due to the interesting content regarding human behaviors and so on, students like studying it.

How to Clear UPSC?

The only mantra for clearing the UPSC exam is hard work and dedication. There is no other remedy for it. Apart from this, you can also consider getting admitted to some nice online coaching at Sapiens IAS. The professionals here will help you in the best way by providing you with all the notes and advice. Also, keep revising the study notes and ensure that you practice the answers regularly for good scores. Hence, for all people who wish to know how to clear UPSC, you need to only focus on revision and mock test series.

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Sapiens IAS is here to help you with the experts and their live online classes for UPSC preparation. You can get in touch with us now for more help and guidance!

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