How to Prepare Anthropology Optional for UPSC

How to prepare anthropology optional

Anthropology is one of the optional papers in UPSC exams. It is also one of the most interesting papers in which the candidates can score maximum marks with certainty and the syllabus is also comparatively less. Most questions in Anthropology are very static. These four points serve as the main advantage for students to pick Anthropology Optional. Since UPSC being a very rigorous exam, candidates must follow a certain strategy to crack the exam.


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Strategy for anthropology in UPSC/PCS exam is as follows

De-code the syllabus: Before choosing any optional it is important to go through the syllabus of the optional. Strategy for Anthropology Optional starts with the candidate de-coding the syllabus and to know which areas he has an interest. This helps you get a perspective on the subject.

Collecting of notes and getting coaching: The next important strategy on How to prepare Anthropology for UPSC is to get the entire materials that one needs to go through. They must leave no stone un-turned they must gather all the resources that they can and they must also join a suitable coaching class for their need.

Static paper: Most of the questions in anthropology are static and straightforward. Therefore one can prepare answers before the exam. Which can be memorized,  revised again and again in advance. Hence, high scoring is certain in anthropology.

Diagrams: When one asks a topper, how to prepare UPSC Anthropology Optional he/she will immediately point out that diagrams and flowchart and any other graphic representation are some of the most important parts of the preparation. This effective way is very useful in saving time as diagram representation is easier than large paragraphs.

Live examples: The best way to show the examiner that you have acquired expertise in that paper is to show your knowledge through the usage of live examples. This can be done by quoting from case studies and examples. One must also go through the yearly tribal reports and quote the same.

Time to prepare: When one asks, how to prepare Anthropology for UPSC and how much time will it take to write an answer is 3 or 4 months and it is important that one must study for at least 4 hours a day to master this paper. If one has any questions or doubts they can get guidance from the teachers or they can refer the past year question paper. One must practice on a diagram and on how to write the answers.

Since one has very little time after preliminary examinations, preparing notes and revising them might be difficult hence it is suggested that one must join an anthropology optional coaching center.

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They also offer Anthropology Optional live online coaching, by means of recorded sessions and they give quality education at an affordable price. They have also produced students who got the highest marks in Anthropology. in the last 3 consecutive years in the entire country. Sapiens has an impeccable record in the field of offline and online anthropology coaching

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