How to Prepare Anthropology Optional For UKPSC?

How to Prepare Anthropology Optional For UKPSC

Are you ready to appear for UKPSC this year? If yes, then you must know how and from where you will begin your journey of preparations for the Uttarakhand PCS exam. We all very well know that it takes heart and soul to complete the preparation of such civil service exams. Keeping all of this in mind, we at Sapiens IAS have taken an initiative to ease the things for you. Yes, with the experience of so many years we have understood the student’s mindset of how to start UKPSC exam preparation.

However, before that, we want to clear some air out here. There are plenty of students confused about which is the best optional subject for UKPSC and which optional subject to choose for UKPSC. On this article, we feel that you should the subject that you feel comfortable about. But as per our experience, we can say that anthropology is certainly a good idea. It is a very common subject for the majority of students that appear for UKPSC. Therefore, in today’s article, we will be discussing a small regime for every student which will help them learn how to prepare for anthropology optional for UKPSC.

UKPSC Anthropology Syllabus in 2021

So, let us begin now with it!!!

How to Prepare UKPSC Anthropology Optional Subject?

For clearing every exam with good marks, there are certain things which we all need to adhere to strictly. This will not guarantee good marks but will also help you become disciplined for a lifetime. Every successful person’s life mantra is discipline and you must add it into your life. Now let us see how you prepare the anthropology strategy for UKPSC.

  • Prep Up Yourself Mentally

The first thing that matters before your start with the preparation is keeping yourself mentally focused on the exam. Have a reason in you for which you are giving the exam and then only you can concentrate.

  • Make a Proper Time Table

For ensuring good results you must schedule a proper time table which helps you know how and when you will manage certain tasks in your entire day.

  • Be Aware of the UKPSC Syllabus Properly

While you are preparing for the anthropology for UKPSC, one is very well acquainted with the fact that they need to know about the syllabus of the exam. Hence they can download the anthropology optional syllabus for UKPSC PDF for their reference.

  • Get the Best Study Material and also find the best books

Now start with finding the best anthropology study material for UKPSC and also get the quality anthropology notes for UKPSC. If you are confused about where to get it from then you can certainly join a UKPSC anthropology optional best coaching  for your convenience. The next most important thing when it comes is finding the best anthropology books for UKPSC optional.

  • Solve Previous Year’s Question Papers and also appear for mock tests

Lastly, when the exam time is near which means from one to two months before the UKPSC exam, begin with solving the questions. You can then get the UKPSC anthropology previous year question paper so that one can learn more about it. Also, the best part about the anthropology optional coaching for UKPSC is that they will conduct your mock tests which are going to help you a lot. Ensure that you appear for these mock tests for brushing up your mind.

About Sapiens IAS

Sapiens IAS is here for the last thirteen years under the guidance of Mr. Pradeep Sarkar to help all the civil service exam aspirants in prepping up for the exam. There are certain aspects that we are following very obediently to ensure that our students have the best time in the UKPSC anthropology coaching online.

  • Live and recorder online class sessions are available for the students
  • Well-structures study material is provided for better preparation
  • Mock test series are conducted to help you boost your performance
  • Available 24X7 to help you solve any query or doubts


  1. What is the maximum age limit for the UKPSC exam?

For all the applicants who wish to apply in the Uttarakhand PCS exam, the minimum age limit is 21 years and whereas the maximum age limit is up to 42 years. The applicants from the OBC category get three years of age relaxation and the applicant from the SC/ST category gets five years of age relaxation.

  1. What is the latest exam pattern of UKPSC?

The latest exam pattern has three stages. Firstly it begins with prelims, the second one Mains round, and lastly comes the interview round. If there any changes in the exam pattern then you will get the information on their website. So, it is better that you keep getting the latest updates from there.

  1. After how many times the UKPSC exam is conducted in a year?

As we all know that Uttarakhand is a very small state and hence the administrative seats are very less in number. Due to this, the UKPSC exam is not conducted every year. After UKPSC 2012 and UKPSC 2016, it is in 2020 that the exam is going to be conducted again.

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