How to Crack UPSC in the First Attempt

Clearing the Union Public Service Commission exam has been a huge dream for almost all the IAS or IPS aspirants. The students’ main aim while appearing for such exams is that they can serve the people of this country. All the aspirants need to know what they need to follow or do to ensure that they can crack the exam in just their first attempt. Keeping your concerns in mind, we have come up with many tips and tricks that can help you know how to crack UPSC on first attempt. So, let us begin now!

1. Understand the Exam Pattern and Syllabus
The first thing you need to keep in mind whenever appearing for the UPSC exam is to ensure that you are well-acquainted with the exam pattern, which is prelims and mains. You must be thinking about what is the syllabus of UPSC. Right! It is the next important thing which you need to know. Now that you are well aware of the syllabus, you can avoid reading the chapters not asked in the exam.

2. Different Sources for Study Materials
Almost every candidate who appears for UPSC civil services understands that research content must be obtained from different sources, so do not make the mistake of attempting to read many books and end up being lost and annoyed. Decide on a couple of books and stick to them.

3. Check on Current Affairs
One of the best and important tips that we would suggest is to make newspaper reading a habit. The Hindu and Indian Express would be the most recommended newspapers by us for your current affair study. Also, make sure that you keep going through the topics related to national and international happenings, science, and technology.

4. Plan Your Goals
Planning your goals and schedule is a must for all the UPSC aspirants. If you wish to ensure that you clear the exam on the first attempt, you need to make a plan. Make sure that you cover the entire syllabus, so schedule it accordingly. You’re expected to have a regular schedule where you spend a set amount of hours studying. Set daily or weekly targets and aim to reach them.

5. Regular Revision
The value of revising what you have learned can never be overlooked, particularly in the UPSC exam case, because it requires you to remember a bunch of facts. That’s where the study notes come into the scenario. With the help of nicely written UPSC study notes, you can make a habit of regular revision of the whole syllabus.

6. Decide the Optional Subject
Ensure that before you begin with the UPSC preparation, it would be better to choose the best optional subject for UPSC mains. Many students are asking which optional subject is best for UPSC. For them, we would say that it completely depends on you. However, at Sapiens IAS, as per our experts, we can suggest to you that anthropology has been the most chosen optional subject by the students. So, you can consider it also.

7. Take Test Series
For all the UPSC aspirants, it is very important to practice the test series. Regular practicing of these questions will help you learn a lot.

8. Attempt Mock Tests
Attempting the mock tests and practicing the previous year’s questions can help you know what is usually asked in the exam. This will also help you know where you stand in terms of preparation and make you more determined. It also allows you to know how much time you will spend on each topic.

9. Practice Answer Writing Properly
In the case of prelims, you need to retain a lot of facts and information. On the flip side, in UPSC mains, a student will have to learn how to write the answers properly. It would be better for you to begin on time with answer writing practice. Only this can help you get good scores. Also, keep practicing diagrams and graphical representations to make things much better for the examiner.

10. Do Not Get Confused
Remember that whenever you appear for such exams; never make the mistake of choosing shortcuts or studying at the last minute. Such habits will not help you in any way and rather would trouble you more. So, start your exam prep on time. You can also consider taking up online coaching for help and better guidance.

Hope that all you UPSC exam aspirants would have got enough idea of how to crack UPSC in first attempt. Now you need not fret out whenever preparing for the exam, as we at Sapiens IAS are here to help you out for your exam. Our experts are here to provide you better assistance and guidance for the UPSC. All the best!

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