How is Anthropology as an Optional for IAS

If you are a UPSC aspirant and trying to figure out which subject should you choose as optional for IAS then read this article carefully. In this article, I am going to explain how anthropology, as an optional for IAS is.

Before getting into the article, you should have a clear concept about anthropology to decide whether you are interested in this subject or not.

What is Anthropology?

Anthropology scientifically studies the humans, human behavior and societies of past and present. Social anthropology studies behavioral patterns and cultural anthropology studies cultural meaning, including norms and ethics. Linguistic anthropology studies on the influence of language in social life. Biological or physical anthropology examines the biological evolution of humans.

So basically anthropology is a combined study of History, Psychology, Linguistics, Sociology, and some other subject. Now the question is,

Why Should You Choose Anthropology, as an Optional for UPSC?

The latest studies have shown a huge hike in numbers in anthropology over the past few years. Experts are predicting that this hike might continue for some more years. Another important point is, anthropology is the sole optional from which a considerable amount of topics have been shortened. The topics are as follows, Development Anthropology, Ethnicity, Reproductive Biology, Twins and some others. Due to this fact, choosing anthropology as optional for UPSC might end in resulting fruitful.

Now let me clarify something before you jump out to opt anthropology as optional, the shortening of chapters or the huge scorings in recent years doesn’t mean anyone can easily score tons of numbers. The fact is before you choose anthropology as your optional make sure you have an interest in it, the topics, the subject matters should make you curious to know more. And this implies to any subject. So, don’t just join the queue, first assess yourself then decide.

What To Do After You Choose Anthropology as Optional for UPSC?

After that, if you finally decide to choose anthropology as your optional subject for IAS then congratulation, you have one step less to cover now. Anthropology is a subject that requires lots of reading and a well-structured guideline.

Anthropology Optional Syllabus for IAS – Presented by Sapiens IAS

About Us:

Sapiens IAS is a coaching institute started by Mr. Pradip Sarkar in 2007, for aspiring UPSC students who choose Anthropology/Zoology as their optional. This is one of the most premier institutes in our country for Civil Service coaching. We offer well-structured coursework that covers all the different aspects of anthropology as optional for IAS.

So if you are Delhi based and looking for coaching for anthropology as optional for UPSC then you can contact us. We also offer coaching-service online for any state of India.

Mr. Pradip Kumar Sarkar is one of the most distinguished teaching personalities in the UPSC field. We in our course structure prioritize three factors FACTS, FRAMING, and FLOW. Anthropology is a subject that requires a huge diverse knowledge about various topics; we help to grasp the whole concept by providing exclusive documents and study materials. For instance, you have to go through multiple diagrams, we represent them in a simplified way that helps you to understand and remember it.


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We offer help in:

• Self-Writing notes
• Diagrams
• Covering the whole content
• Different Interesting Fact
• Mind mapping of Different ages, times and cultures
• Self-awareness
• Case Studies
• Field analysis
• Different Reports and Documentaries

Mugging and writing is not a way out here, in Anthropology it is all about the concept. So, if you read a topic from 5 books, you have to note your version of the answer by compiling all the data. There are lots of misinformation about anthropology, one of them is “Anthropology is a static subject.” Absolutely no, it’s dynamic. You have to be well aware of your society and culture and how do you see the evolution has taken place, what are the theories you relate to.

Sapiens IAS is now providing anthropology online classes along with the regular offline anthropology coaching for IAS. So, you can now avail of all the classes easily from home and prepare for UPSC uninterruptedly.

As an addition to the previously added services, we are now also offering multiple types of test series to find your loopholes and boost your confidence by repairing them. It’s time to take your dreams seriously cause our country needs your help and you need ours.

Anthropology Optional Books for UPSC, Civil Service Exam

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. What are the civil services? How to get into the civil services of India?

Civil Services refer to jobs like IAS, IPS, IFS, IRS, etc. directly related to public service and the most prestigious in India. UPSC (Union Public Service Commission) conducts the Civil Service Exam examination for Central Government job vacancies. Check our Website to know more about Civil Services Exam.

2. What is the exact structure of the UPSC Mains Exam?

The Main Examination consists of a written test and an interview test. The written test consists of 9 papers of the conventional essay type. Two papers (out of 9) will be of qualifying in nature. Marks secured for all the mandatory papers (Paper–I to Paper-VII) and Marks secured in Interview for Personality Test will be included for ranking. Read the Exam syllabus to know more.

3. Which optional subject should be chosen for UPSC Mains?

UPSC has provided a list of around 50 optional subjects to choose from. Check our other articles to know more.

4. Which stream should be chosen for graduation to clear the UPSC exam?

Most of the questions in the general studies paper in Prelims and Mains are associated with the Humanities department. But it is neither required nor prudent to take Humanities as your graduation stream just for the UPSC exam. Graduation should be based on your expertise– it can be anything i.e. humanities, science, engineering, management or literature.

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