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UPSC Zoology Online Classes in 2020-21

Sapiens IAS, one of the best IAS training centers in India, brings to you the best zoology online classes for UPSC exam. Every aspiring civil servant knows that the UPSC exams are the toughest to crack. Even the brightest minds of the country struggle to fight the fierce competition. However, with the right guidance and mentoring, it gets easier and more achievable. At Sapiens IAS, we aim at providing the students with a blueprint of success. If you have chosen zoology as your optional subject, our “zoology online coaching” will be highly beneficial for you.

Sapiens IAS has been in this field for over 14 years, and we have worked with thousands of IAS aspirants over the decade. Students from across the country have relied on our UPSC zoology optional online coaching class when trying to reach their goals. If you want a bright future and a stable career, make sure to try our classes. Get in touch today!

Zoology Optional Faculty

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Sapiens IAS has reached great heights under the careful guidance of Mr. Pradip Sarkar. Being an industry leader, Mr. Sarkar has developed a unique strategy to make IAS coaching more accessible and affordable to everyone. It is evident in zoology optional coaching online.

Why Choose Zoology Optional for UPSC?

Selecting the right optional subject is crucial when it comes to cracking the UPSC exam. You get to pick out of a list of 26 different subjects. Though it is excellent to have so many choices, it can also be a little confusing to make up your mind. However, weighing certain factors should make it easier. For example, you need a subject that is interesting, high-scoring, and appropriate for your background. In light of this, zoology is a good fit as it fulfills all the criteria. Here are a few more reasons why you may want to give zoology a try:


No matter which background you are from, you can take up zoology as the optional. Students from fields of arts, science, and commerce have selected zoology and received good results from taking our “zoology optional online coaching“.


Some subjects can be boring. However, with zoology, you never have to worry about mugging up dull concepts. The zoology online classes are designed to keep you engaged and interested.


Do you have a penchant for knowledge? If so, zoology will allow you to learn about the animal kingdom. The zoology optional coaching online classes will prepare you for absorbing as much information as possible.


Choosing an easy to score optional subject bodes well for students who want to ensure their success at the UPSC exam. With our guided teaching, you will learn to score the highest marks.


Zoology is the ideal subject for animal lovers. If you have a fondness for both domestic and wild animals, this subject will give you the opportunity to learn about them.


Taking zoology optional opens up a number of career opportunities. Our zoology optional online class will prepare you well enough to help you pass the exam with flying colours.

Have You Any Doubts Regarding Zoology

Why Choose Us for Zoology Online Coaching?

The UPSC exams are designed to test the brilliant minds of our nation. Cracking these exams without guidance may be almost impossible. Having the help and backing of experienced professionals surely improves your chances of success. Being the leading zoology optional coaching in Delhi, India, Sapiens IAS is properly equipped to guide you in the right direction. The undying effort and dedication of Mr. Pradip Sarkar ensures that you get the best mentoring. Even after 14 years of being operational, Sapiens IAS is nowhere near stopping!


As mentioned above, Sapiens IAS takes pride in its faculty. Mr. Pradip Sarkar is a renowned professional in the industry, and his aim is to help students from across the country reach their goals.


The zoology online classes not only teach you about the subject, but they also come with a strategic test series that allows you to prepare for the actual exam. The more times you take the test, the better you can score in the main exam.


The zoology optional syllabus can be quite extensive, but you should not worry. Sapiens IAS is the only institute that completes the entire syllabus within a few months. We also provide exam-oriented study materials.


To keep the subject engaging and challenging, Mr. Pradip Sarkar has designed a study model that involves a variety of assignments. Completing these assignments will improve your knowledge and understanding of zoology.


The UPSC zoology online classes at Sapiens IAS have been designed in a way that allows students to ask questions and get answers from the teacher in real-time.


When you opt for online zoology optional classes, you can rely on both live and recorded classes. Both versions are available to all of our students. The unique study sessions are sure to maximize your productivity.

Our Zoology Class Summary

Course Duration New Batch Date COURSE FEE Apply Pay
Duration 6 to 7 Months 9th Sep. 2020 46,000/- Apply Now Pay Now

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UPSC Zoology Courses

It won’t be wrong to say that Sapiens IAS has redefined the way we study zoology. Ever since the introduction of online coaching for zoology optional, more and more students have opted for zoology as their optional. The unique teaching techniques of Mr. Pradip Sarkar keep students coming back. If you are thinking about participating in our zoology coaching classes, make sure to find out about our courses:

Zoology Offline Class

Do you want to sit in the classroom with other students and take the class? If so, the zoology offline class is for you. This is the regular batch that requires you to visit our premise.

Zoology Online Class

With zoology online class, you do not have to visit our premise. No matter where you are located, you can take part in our online classes. These classes are just as effective and interactive as the regular batch.

Zoology Test Series

At Sapiens, you will find both offline and online zoology optional test series. Mr. Pradip Sarkar always encourages students to take the tests as many times as possible to improve chances of scoring in the actual exam.

Zoology Optional Videos

If you want to learn about zoology outside of the online or offline classes, Sapiens IAS has just what you need. Online zoology video section is designed for students who want to gain new insights into the subject. The videos are also designed to keep you interested and motivated. View All

Frequently Asked Questions

Who should choose zoology optional for UPSC?

Zoology is an appropriate optional subject for everyone. You can choose this subject regardless of your background. Whether you have studied science, arts or commerce, you can adjust to zoology well enough.

Where can you find the best coaching for zoology optional?

If you are looking for zoology optional coaching, your best bet would be to go with Sapiens IAS. We are one of the best and most reliable teaching institutes in India. We have over 14 years of experience in the field, and we have helped thousands of students to reach their dreams.

Can engineers choose zoology optional for IAS?

As mentioned above, zoology is an appropriate subject for students coming from diverse backgrounds. However, Sapiens IAS has noticed a surge in engineers choosing zoology as their preferred optional subject.

How to prepare for UPSC zoology optional subject for IAS Mains?

If you are wondering how to best prepare yourself for the IAS mains exam, start by enrolling yourself into the zoology optional coaching at Sapiens IAS. Here, you will get the secret to success. Mr. Pradip Sarkar will show you exactly how you should prepare for the actual exam.

How is zoology as an optional in the UPSC civil services exam?

To become a civil servant and to build a solid career, you first need to crack the UPSC exam, which is known for its notorious difficulty and cut-throat competition. Choosing the right optional subject can somewhat make it easy for you to pass. Zoology is an excellent choice for the optional subject as it is engaging and high scoring.

How is the online zoology coaching at Sapiens IAS?

Sapiens IAS is one of the first institutes to introduce online coaching of zoology optional. We have state of the art infrastructure to create the best learning experience for students. Zoology online coaching classes are designed to combine productivity and convenience.

How to find the best test series for zoology optional?

If you want to take mock tests to prepare yourself for the actual exam, Sapiens IAS has just what you need. Here, you will find both online and offline test series that allows you to get a better understanding of how the tests are conducted. You can take the tests as many times as you want.

Can I join the zoology optional online classes?

If you cannot visit our premise to take part in our regular batch, the zoology online classes will allow you to get the proper coaching online. All you have to do is sign up for our online classes and then participate in the classes sitting at the comfort of your home.

Is the online test series for zoology optional effective?

As mentioned above, the zoology test series is available both online and offline. Regardless of whether you choose the online or offline version, you are sure to get the maximum advantage. The online test series is just as effective as the offline test.

Are zoology online classes at Sapiens IAS expensive?

Sapiens IAS aims at making UPSC coaching accessible and affordable to all. That is why the institute charges a minimal price for the highest standard of coaching it provides. If you are planning to sign up for our zoology online classes, make sure to drop a query regarding the prices.

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