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Anthropology Optional Test Series for UPSC in 2020 - Grab It Now

Sapiens IAS, one of the best IAS training institutes in India, brings to you “anthropology optional test series“. Designed to give you a first-hand experience of the actual exam, these mock tests are greatly beneficial for aspirants who have opted for anthropology as the optional subject for IAS. It is common knowledge that the UPSC exams are extremely difficult. Even the most brilliant students in the country find it challenging. So, preparing for these exams require more than just hard work and dedication. You also need proper guidance and strategies, and Sapiens IAS is here to provide you just that!

Famous for its anthropology optional classes, Sapiens IAS has been operational for over 14 years. In that time, we have worked with thousands of aspiring civil servants from around the country. Most of our students find the “anthropology test series highly stimulating. If you want to try your knowledge and understanding of the subject, you must give these mock tests a try. Contact us and find out how you can participate!

About Faculty

best anthropology teacher for upsc


Mr. Pradip Sarkar, a pioneer in the teaching industry, has a unique take on anthropology coaching for UPSC. His strategies for the anthropology mains test series are lauded for their efficiency. His passion for education and training young minds has helped Sapiens IAS reach the pinnacle of success.

Anthropology Test Series Details

If you want to further your understanding of the subject and get better at answering questions, you must take the “IAS anthropology test series” as much as possible. To participate in our test series, you must first enroll in our anthropology coaching. Below, you will find some critical details related to our test series.

SL. NO.Test DateTest DetailsTest Timing
117.11.2019Socio Cultural Institutions and so on (2.1-5 and 7& 8 of paper -1)12.30: to 3.30 PM
224.11.2019Physical Anthropology (1.4 To 1.7 of Paper 1)12.30: to 3.30 PM
301.12.2019Anthropological Theories (1.1 to 12 of Paper -1)12.30: to 3.30 PM
408.12.2019Physical Anthropology ( 9.1 to 12 of Paper 1)12.30: to 3.30 PM
515.12.2019Section -A / Paper-2 ( 1.1 to 5.3 of Paper-2)12.30: to 3.30 PM
622.12.2019Section -B/ Paper-2 (6.1 To 9.1 of Paper -2)12.30: to 3.30 PM
729.12.2019Socio Cultural Institutions And Anthropological Theroies (1.1- 1.3 and 2-8 pf Paper -1)12.30: to 3.30 PM
805.01.2020Physical Anthropology (1.1-1.7 & 9.1-12 of Paper-1 )12.30: to 3.30 PM
912.01.2020Section -A/ Paper-2 (1.1 to 5.3 of Paper-2)12.30: to 3.30 PM
1019.01.2020Section -B/ Paper (6.1 To 9.3 of Paper-2)12.30: to 3.30 PM
1102.02.2020Paper -1 and Paper-29.30 : to 12.30 PM , 2.30 to 5.30 PM

Our Anthropology Test Series Course Summary

  • Test series consists of 12 tests – 10 area wise and 2 comprehensive tests.
  • Elaborate and complete discussion shall be held after every test.
  • Personal feedback and attention shall be given to the students with properly evaluated test copies.
  • In case, if anyone misses any test discussion which is valuable could be provided with recorded class since our institution is completely digital.
  • Our teacher, Pradip Sarkar himself evaluates test copies; hence, test copies are evaluated reliably.

(1) It is observed that those students who have regularly appeared in test series and participated in the discussion of tests, they have performed extraordinarily in final UPSC exam. Many of them scored 300+ and secured rank in IAS exam below 50.
(2) Test series under reliable and experienced guidance, create opportunities for evaluation of the preparation, correction of mistakes and ensures several time revisions and memorization which ensures near to perfect preparation for final examination.
(3) Thus, test series is a winning strategy in the UPSC/IAS examination. SAPIENS IAS is a trusted intuition for a decade to channelize student’s knowledge, hard work and talents to the long cherished goal of IAS.

Our Anthropology Class Summary

Course DurationStarting FromCOURSE FEEApplyPay
.Starting from..10,500/-Apply NowPay Now

Have You Any Doubts Regarding Anthropology

Features of our Anthropology Test Series

At Sapiens IAS, we take great care in providing students with the best possible coaching that they need. Our goal is to help them obtain a thorough understanding of the subject. That is why our mentor Mr. Pradip Sarkar likes to take a comprehensive approach to teach anthropology. Even though the syllabus for anthropology optional is quite vast, we make sure to complete the entire syllabus within a matter of a few months. We are the only “IAS training institute” to do that. We also provide exam-oriented study materials and coursework to enhance your overall performance. Here are some of the key features of our test series:


Our anthropology test series is both comprehensive and intensive. After receiving step by step instruction and guidance from our coach, you are sure to crack the civil services exam.


The focused and practical approach helps our students to understand the format of the actual exam. We keep on innovating to give you a dynamic preparation for IAS.


Our anthropology mains test series can help you to score the highest marks in the actual exam. The more times you take these tests, the higher you are expected to score in the main exam.


The test series covers the entire anthropology optional syllabus. That requires intensive self-studying. By preparing for the test series, you can also get ready for the real exam.


It is critical to know how prepared you are before the exam. Participating in the test series allows you to gauge your progress and understanding of the subject.


Taking the mock tests is a great way to revise the syllabus before the exam. Check out the test series once you have completed the syllabus and gone over the coursework.

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Our Popular Courses

Sapiens IAS is famous for providing anthropology optional coaching online and offline. The primary goal of our institute is to help aspiring civil servants from across the country achieve their dreams. The same is evident in our teaching models and principles. Our anthropology coaching classes have made students more and more comfortable and confident about taking anthropology as the optional subject.

Anthropology Offline Class

Our “anthropology offline coaching” is most suitable for students who can visit our institute for taking classes. The offline or regular batch allows you to take the classes with a group of other aspirants.

Anthropology Online Class

If you cannot visit or location, you can also take “anthropology online coaching for UPSC”. Online coaching allows you to participate in the classes’ right from home.

Anthropology Test Series

The “anthropology optional test series for regular batch” takes place at our institute. You get to take the test offline much like an actual mains exam. The more you take these tests, the better you can score in the real exam.

Popular Videos

If you want a comprehensive look at anthropology and study the concepts outside of the classes and study materials, you should definitely check out our online anthropology classes video series . Mr. Pradip Sarkar has strategically created this video series to share some critical insights into the industry and the subjects he teaches at Sapiens IAS. View All

Frequently Asked Questions

Is anthropology the right optional choice for me?

Anthropology is one of the most popular optional subjects because it is suitable for every background. Students belonging to fields such as arts, commerce, and science can opt for anthropology as their optional subject. It is also an excellent choice for engineers.

How is Sapiens IAS going to help me in my preparation for IAS?

Sapiens IAS offers specialized courses on anthropology optional. When preparing for the anthropology UPSC civil services exam, you can rely on our coaching methods to get a better understanding of the subject. We will also provide you actionable strategies to pass the exam with flying colours.

Is anthropology optional a scoring subject?

Choosing the optional subject for IAS takes thought and consideration, primarily because the subject covers 500 marks. Most students choose anthropology because it is a highly scoring subject that helps them to increase their overall marks. That plays a major role in helping them pass the exam.

Does Sapiens IAS complete the entire syllabus?

Anthropology optional has a pretty extensive syllabus. Reading every book from start to finish and completing the syllabus may take more time than you actually have. That is why Sapiens IAS has developed a unique strategy that helps them to cover the entire syllabus in record time. In fact, we are the only institute that successfully does that year after year.

Will I get study materials and resources from Sapiens IAS?

Once you have signed up for our “anthropology UPSC coaching classes”, you do not have to worry about creating notes or searching for study materials on your own. We will provide you the same. Sapiens IAS provides exam-oriented study materials and resources to all of its students.

Is anthropology optional coaching from Sapiens IAS expensive?

At Sapiens IAS, we aim at making IAS training accessible and affordable to everyone. Our packages have been designed accordingly. The prices for our regular and batch and online batch are different. Get in touch with us to find specific details about our pricing structure.

What is anthropology test series?

To conclude your anthropology coaching, we have designed a comprehensive test series that challenges your knowledge and understanding of the subject. The test series is basically a series of mock tests that give you a feel for the actual UPSC mains exam. By taking these tests, you can not only gauge your progress, but you can also prepare for the real thing.

How do I participate in the anthropology test series?

The anthropology test series takes place both offline and online. If you have signed up for our regular batch of anthropology coaching, you should go with the offline test series. However, if you have opted for online coaching for anthropology optional, you can take the test online.

How many times can I take the test series?

The best thing about the test series is that you can take the tests as many times as you want. In fact, Mr. Pradip Sarkar encourages students to take the tests multiple times to improve their understanding of the actual exam. He believes that the more times you take the test, the higher will be your chances of scoring the best marks.

Can I take the test series even if I'm not a student at Sapiens IAS?

Whether you are thinking of trying the offline or the online test series, you should know that the anthropology test series is only available to students of Sapiens IAS. If you would like to take the mock tests, make sure to sign up for our anthropology optional coaching first.

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