Effective Online Anthropology Optional Test Series for Civil Services Exam

Sapiens IAS is a premier institute that has gifted many civil servants to the nation with its unbeatable Anthropology coaching for UPSC IAS exam. It was founded in 2007 under the mentorship of Mr. Pradip Sarkar. He is a well-known faculty with years of experience in this field. He is one of the best teachers for Anthropology optional who have brilliant teaching skills. Our “online coaching for Anthropology optional is the best substitute for our offline classroom programs especially for those are not able to attend regular coaching classes. They can now avail India’s best coaching classes at their homes whenever they want.

As a serious civil services aspirant, you must know the importance of solving the test series before appearing for the final mains examination. To save your valuable time and money, Sapiens IAS has designed the “best Anthropology optional online test series” which is proved to be very effective. These test series are well prepared and organized to provide you with the same environment as the mains examination. One advantage of our test series is that they are also available online. If you want to take the test from the comfort of your home, then you can join our “UPSC online Anthropology optional test series”.

About Faculty

best anthropology teacher for upsc


The secret behind the success of Sapiens IAS is the endless efforts and dedication of Mr. Pradip Sarkar who is the founder and director of Sapiens IAS. He is the best teacher for Anthropology optional who offers a dynamic and interactive educational environment that engages students in the learning process.

Test Series Details

We design the “Anthropology test series” strictly according to the UPSC pattern that helps candidates to compete with the fellow aspirants. Our test series is available online for those who want to practice IAS Anthropology test series online.

SL. NO.Test DetailsTest NameTest Content Details
116.06.2019Socio Cultural Institutions and so on (2.1-5 and 7&8 of Paper-1)12:30 PM to 3:30 PM
223.06.2019PHYSICAL ANTHROPOLOGY(1.4 TO 1.7 of Paper-1)DO
330.06.2019ANTHROPOLOGICAL THEORIES And So On (1.1 To 1.3 and 6 of Paper-1DO
407.07.2019PHYSICAL ANTHROPOLOGY(9.1 TO 12 of Paper-1)DO
514.07.2019Section-A/Paper-2(1.1 TO 5.3 of Paper-2)DO
621.07.2019Section-B/Paper-2 (6.1 To 9.1 of Paper-2)DO
728.07.2019Socio Cultural Institutions And Anthropological Theories (1.1-1.3 and 2-8 of Paper-1)DO
804.08.2019Physical Anthropology (1.4-1.7 & 9.1-12 of Paper-1)DO
911.08.2019Section-A/Paper-2 (1.1 TO 5.3 Of Paper-2)DO
1018.08.2019Section-B/Paper-2 (6.1 TO 9.3 of Paper-2)DO
111.09.2019Paper-1 and Paper-209:30 AM TO 12:30 PM , 2:30PM

TO 5:30 PM

Our Anthropology Class Summary

Course DurationNew Batch DateCOURSE FEEApplyPay
.26th August8500Apply NowPay Now

Have You Any Doubts Regarding Anthropology

Features of our Anthropology Optional

Sapiens IAS programmes follow a unique learning approach that consists of various stages like self-evaluation, workshops, frequent class tests and answer writing practice. It provides online Anthropology optional test series as per UPSC standards to improve answer writing skill for scoring higher marks (more than 300+ marks). It is observed that those students who have regularly attended our “UPSC Anthropology test series” have performed exceptionally well in Anthropology optional mains examination. Here are some of the reasons for choosing Sapiens IAS for UPSC Anthropology optional test series:


The hard work of Mr. Pradip Sarkar is the reason behind the success of Sapiens IAS. He has been guiding students over a decade for achieving success in their career.


Our Anthropology optional test series is designed to compete with the students around the nation in order to determine the strengths and weaknesses of aspirants.


We regularly provide assignments to the students that are necessary to submit on time. After its evaluation, the teacher provides his feedback.


All our classes are digital, therefore, if any student missed any class or want to watch the lecture again then they can easily watch.


Sapiens IAS provides a compilation of all leading editorials as per “UPSC Anthropology syllabus” in the form of study notes.


We regularly organize query sessions for the students. Our faculty is always ready to answer the questions of students anytime during or after class.

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Our Popular Courses

Sapiens IAS has meticulously designed all its courses with the flexible schedule. Our programs are designed to make students attain success in making their career as a civil servant. We always ensure valuable academics with our best and popular courses. Consistent efforts are being made for bringing perfection in Anthropology IAS coaching classes that concern the aspirants. Our courses are divided as:

Anthropology Offline Class

Our offline classes consist of regular batches. All these batches comprise of the small number of students so that personal attention can be paid towards every student.

Anthropology Online Class

Our Anthropology optional online classes is a medium to provide quality education to all those who cannot attend offline coaching classes. These classes can be viewed anytime and anywhere.

Anthropology Test Series (Online/Offline)

We have designed the best Anthropology test series strictly as per the UPSC examination pattern. students can take these tests at the institute or they can take them online from their home.

Popular Videos

Sapiens IAS provides UPSC video class for Anthropology to increase accessibility of the subject. These video lectures of Anthropology for UPSC gives an added perspective on the subject to both online as well as for offline students. With these Anthropology lectures for IAS, students can enhance their comprehensive knowledge and can gain more conceptual clarity of the subject.

Useful Articles

Do you want to make your strategy for UPSC civil services preparation? If yes, Sapiens IAS would help you with its UPSC exam blogs. We regularly post articles related to UPSC, Civil Services, Anthropology, strategy planning, Zoology along with the examination syllabus and pattern. To get every latest UPSC exam news, start visiting our website and do not skip any single update.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Which is the best institute for Anthropology optional coaching classes?

If you are searching for the best institute for Anthropology optional then I would recommend you to go for Sapiens IAS. It is a well-known and reputed institute in India due to its productive classes and teaching methodologies. Aspirants are always motivated and guided under the mentorship of the well-experienced faculty.

Which is a better optional for UPSC, Anthropology or Sociology, considering equal interest in both the subjects?

According to me, one could make a better decision after studying Anthropology which is very important for a civil servant. This subject consists of the basics of biology, evolution, sociology part and Indian Anthropology including philosophy. UPSC usually asks straight forward questions in Anthropology that are based on thoughts and thinking skills.

How should I prepare for Anthropology optional coaching for IAS?

Some students prepare themselves for Anthropology optional for UPSC but if you need proper guidance, conceptual clarity and time management then I must suggest you join a good coaching institute. Sapiens IAS would be the “best UPSC Anthropology coaching for civil services exam” as it not only provides complete guidance but it also offers an effective teaching methodology.

Which is the best online coaching for Anthropology optional for IAS?

Online coaching plays a very important role for all those who cannot attend offline classroom programs. Hence, we recommend you to join Sapiens IAS for best online coaching for anthropology optional for IAS because it is a great substitute for Anthropology offline classes. It uses technology to create effective modes of instruction that expand access to learning.

How is Anthropology optional for science background students in UPSC Civil Services mains?

Anthropology is really a good subject for science background students because it is a great combination of science and social science. Anthropology is most humanistic of all the sciences as it contains biological basics, evolution, sociology, Indian culture, and civilization. Sapiens IAS is the best UPSC Anthropology coaching because they offer unique and innovative teaching methodology.

Who provides the best test series for UPSC Anthropology optional?

Sapiens IAS provides the best test series for UPSC Anthropology optional as it has gained amazing quality when it comes to questions and strategy planning. Its test series is widely used by aspirants due to its flexible timings and generous schedule. Their test series includes questions and answers closely related to the pattern of the mains examination.

Where can I get video lectures of Anthropology optional for UPSC Civil Services?

Sapiens IAS is providing the latest and high-quality Anthropology video lectures for UPSC along with online classes to the candidates. These lectures are equally recommended for online as well as for offline students as they help in gaining conceptual clarity and good grip over the subject that would enhance the quality of your answers in mains.

What are the good books for Anthropology optional for UPSC?

You might have heard that one has to study so many “books for clearing UPSC civil services examination” but Sapiens IAS has reduced the burden of studying irrelevant material and provides the students with an accurate study material which contains all the topics mentioned in the syllabus including magazines, journals, case studies, etc.

Who provides the best Anthropology optional online test series for UPSC examination?

There are lots of coaching centers who provide online test series, but only a few of them are effective. Sapiens IAS is one of them who provides Anthropology optional online test series. It is observed that the students who have regularly appeared in our Anthropology test series 2019 have performed really measurable in the final UPSC Civil Services examination.

How can I join an online Anthropology test series provided by Sapiens IAS?

It is very easy to enroll yourself for Sapiens IAS online Anthropology test series. You can simply visit our website and register yourselves by providing some details. For any query related to the course or registration, you can send us an Email at info@sapiensias.in or you can also Contact Us at +91-8700922126, +91-9718354962.

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