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Sapiens IAS is one of the most reputed and well-known anthropology UPSC training institutes in India. We specialize in “anthropology optional for IAS”. Our anthropology coaching techniques are famous all over the country for being innovative and unique. Launched over 14 years ago under the careful guidance of Mr. Pradip Sarkar, Sapiens IAS boasts a solid foundation and continuous growth. Our aim is to help aspiring civil servants from across the nation reach their goals. Unlike most institutes in this field, our “anthropology optional classes” are known to cover the entire syllabus. This approach helps students to gain a comprehensive understanding of the subject.

Do you want to take anthropology coaching for IAS? If so, Sapiens IAS would be your best choice! With our guidance, you will surely crack the tough UPSC exams. Most of our students have passed the IAS exam with flying colours, and you are sure to succeed too.

About Faculty

best anthropology teacher for upsc


With Mr. Pradip Sarkar at the helm, Sapiens IAS has an exceptional faculty. With years of experience in the field of anthropology, Mr. Sarkar is the ideal figure to teach the bright minds of our nation. His strong leadership is what drives our anthropology IAS coaching center to the pinnacle of success.

Why Choose Anthropology Optional for IAS

Selecting an optional subject for the UPSC civil services can be difficult. There are many subjects to choose from. However, if you are interested in social sciences, you may consider anthropology as your optional. Anthropology is different from most other subjects that you have grown up studying. That is why our “UPSC anthropology coaching classes” are designed to give you an in-depth idea of what it is all about. Here are a few more reasons for choosing anthropology as your optional.


The optional subject covers 500 marks, and how well you do can determine your future. The good thing is that anthropology is a scoring subject. With our guided IAS anthropology coaching, you are sure to ace the exam.


Students from any background can choose anthropology. Students from all backgrounds such as arts, science and commerce can opt for this optional. MCA, MBA, engineers and doctors can also choose anthropology optional.


Anthropology is a vast subject, and the syllabus may seem too extensive. However, at Sapiens IAS, we have devised the “best strategy for completing the entire syllabus in just 3 months”. We provide our anthropology optional classes for UPSC 5 days per week.


If you study the question papers of previous years, you would notice that the format and style of the questions are to the point and straightforward. You can prepare notes and study the answers to popular questions. You can memorize and revise these answers for the exam as well.


Our UPSC anthropology optional coaching will show you that anthropology is the study of social concepts that we are already familiar with. Examples include religion, politics, economy, family and kinship, marriage and so on. This familiarity makes anthropology interesting and easy to learn.


At Sapiens IAS, you will find a helpful community of teachers and other students. We have plenty of useful resources to share with the students. From books to suggestions and notes, you will get all types of guidance from us.

Have You Any Doubts Regarding Anthropology

Why choose Sapiens IAS?

With over a decade in this field, Sapiens IAS has earned the title of the best anthropology UPSC coaching center in India. Every year, we work with thousands of bright minds from around the country. We shape their understanding of the subjects and prepare them for the gruelling competition that is the UPSC exam. Aside from coaching and mentoring, we also have a well-structured anthropology test series that allows students to take mock tests to assess their strength and weaknesses. You can take these tests, again and again, to prepare yourself for the real UPSC exam. There are many other aspects that make Sapiens IAS stand out.


Sapiens IAS provides both offline and online coaching for anthropology optional. You can participate in the live classes and also watch the recorded classes later in your own time for faster completion of the syllabus.


Do you have any doubts or questions that you need clarification on? Our teachers and faculty members are always ready to provide answers. You can come up with questions during or after the classes.


Sapiens IAS is the only anthropology coaching center in India that completes the entire syllabus within record time. We also provide study materials and resources that are completely exam-oriented and focused.


To make our anthropology UPSC coaching classes more effective, we give students assignments. These assignments must be submitted on time. After a careful evaluation of each assignment, the teachers provide their feedback and inputs.


As mentioned above, Sapiens IAS also conducts an anthropology test series that allows students to gauge their progress. The more of these tests you take, the better you become at writing answers fast and in a to-the-point manner. This way you can score the highest marks.


The undying effort and dedication of our team is the secret to our success. Sapiens IAS has been helping students build their dream careers for over a decade now. We have been able to do it because of our team.

Our Anthropology Class Summary

Course DurationNew Batch DateCOURSE FEEApplyPay
100 Days25 Feb. 202035,000/-Apply NowPay Now

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Our Popular Courses

Sapiens IAS is famous all over the country for providing anthropology coaching for IAS. We specialize in these two optional subjects for UPSC. Our goal is to make the study of anthropology more accessible. Our courses are primarily divided into the following categories:

Anthropology Offline Class

Our “anthropology optional coaching offline classes” are the regular batch. Our classes are famous for their comfortable and productive environment and high-tech equipment. Here, the study sessions are held in small groups.

Anthropology Online Class

We also provide “anthropology online coaching for UPSC”. These online classes make anthropology coaching much more accessible. You can participate in these classes from wherever and whenever.

Anthropology Test Series

The anthropology test series is conducted both online and offline. You can take these tests at the institute or you can take them online from your home. The anthropology test series 2020 is currently available.

Popular Videos

Part of our anthropology optional online classes, these videos are highly recommended for offline students as well. These video lectures will give you an added perspective on the subject of your choice. If you want to learn beyond the syllabus, make sure to watch the following videos!

Useful Articles

Want to make your strategy for anthropology coaching for IAS better? If so, make sure to keep up to date with our blog. We post regularly on various topics related to UPSC, IAS, civil services, and anthropology optional. Stay tuned to learn about the latest news and pieces.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How is anthropology optional for IAS?

If you are wondering which optional subject to choose for your UPSC IAS exam, give anthropology a try. If you like science-based subjects, you are sure to find anthropology interesting as it is about the study of social science. It is also a highly scoring subject that would help you gain good marks.

How big is the syllabus for anthropology optional?

The syllabus for “anthropology optional” is fairly extensive. To complete the whole syllabus before the exam, you would have to study day and night. That is why Sapiens IAS has crafted a strategy that allows you to complete the syllabus within just 3 months! You just have to take our classes 5 days a week.

Can students from all backgrounds choose anthropology as their optional?

Anthropology optional is available to all IAS aspirants regardless of the specifications of their past qualifications or backgrounds. However, students from science backgrounds are known to do well in anthropology.

Does Sapiens IAS have specialized courses for anthropology?

Sapiens IAS specializes in anthropology. So, it is fairly natural that our courses on anthropology are one of a kind. We provide both online and offline classes. We also provide all the required coursework, study materials, notes, and suggestions.

How to prepare for the anthropology optional study?

There are various ways to prepare for anthropology optional. However, if you are studying this subject for the first time, you should start by gaining conceptual clarity. You can then move on to understanding more complex areas.

How important is coaching for anthropology optional?

While it is possible to study anthropology optional on your own, we would not recommend it. UPSC exams are notoriously difficult to crack. To improve your chances of success, you must take a strategic approach. Only experienced professionals and coaches can guide you in the right direction.

Should I choose anthropology when attempting IAS?

Anthropology is an excellent option for the UPSC IAS exam. Many students avoid it because of its extensive syllabus and scientific approach. However, with the help of Sapiens IAS, the major struggles are bound to disappear.

What books should I buy for anthropology optional study?

The more you read, the more you learn. That is what we have always heard our teachers say. However, when you are preparing for a competitive exam, you need to study strategically. Our coaches at Sapiens IAS will tell you exactly which books to buy to make your anthropology studies more efficient.

Should I choose Sapiens IAS for anthropology optional coaching?

If you are looking for an IAS training institute in India, look no further than Sapiens IAS. Sign up for our anthropology optional classes to have a better opportunity of success at the final exam.

How much does Sapiens IAS charge for anthropology optional coaching?

Sapiens IAS is known for its success rate and list of accomplished students who are now proud civil servants. What you may not know is that our institute has some of the most affordable pricing structures. It allows students from all economic backgrounds to enrol.

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