BPSC (Bihar Public Service Commission) Anthropology Syllabus

BPSC Anthropology Syllabus

Bihar Public Service Commission is a civil service that helps you get into the position where you can help the people of the state relentlessly. There is so much more for all of us to do when we get into such civil service jobs. We all know that our country needs more such people who can work towards society and take it forward towards development. But whenever appearing for the exam, people are perplexed about which is better sociology or anthropology for BPSC? For all these students, we would like to say that the optional subject is a must and should be chosen wisely. With our knowledge and expertise, we suggest you choose anthropology, since; it has been a very easy subject for the students to date.

BPSC Anthropology Syllabus

However, after you choose the optional subject, begin your real journey of preparation of BPSC syllabus, so that one can excel in it. This is of utmost importance for all of us and we have been constantly working towards it. Let us today have a look at how to prepare for anthropology optional for BPSC. This has been a very common query of the students and we will help you pass through it. So, let us begin!

How to Prepare for Anthropology Optional for BPSC?

While you are getting ready with the exam, anthropology often becomes a problem or say important to be given time to. The optional subject is the highest scoring subject and will help you qualify for the exam. So, let us have a look at the BPSC anthropology strategy.

  • To prepare for the BPSC exam, firstly we need to learn about the BPSC anthropology optional syllabus. We must get acquainted with the BPSC anthropology syllabus 2021-2022 properly for making sure that students can clear the exam.
  • Next, we will suggest you join the coaching for BPSC anthropology for more help and clarity on the subject. The teachers there will make sure to provide you the best guidance and help that you would need.
  • Not only this, the anthropology coaching for BPSC also provides its students with the best BPSC anthropology study material which can help you in the last minute revision. This will save you from hustling between different books in the last few days.
  • Other than this, you will also get to know about the best BPSC anthropology books. This will keep you off from buying unwanted books and you can properly concentrate the genuine books.
  • Once you are done with all the preparations, you better start solving the BPSC anthropology previous year’s question paper. This will give you a brief idea of what you will be asked and how you need to answer.
  • Amidst, all this do not forget to make the BPSC anthropology notes for your convenience. They will help you get things in mind along with so that you can understand them properly.
  • Lastly, also pay attention to your coaching institute’s mock test series, and make sure that you appear for it. This is very important for you as it will help in boosting your inner confidence and will motivate you.

These were some tips and tricks which every BPSC exam aspirant needs to adhere to so that they can make their mark in the exam. All the best and prepare nicely because hard work and determination are what makes you excel.

About Us- Anthropology Coaching Bihar

Mr. Pardip Sarkar, along with several other qualified teachers at Sapiens IAS has been constantly working hard for the last thirteen years. One would have to admit that Mr. Sarkar gives the best guidance and support to this institute by providing students with excellent education for the BPSC exam. He and his faculty are working day and night to make sure that the students can clear the BPSC exam.


What is the educational qualification required for the BPSC exam?
Every applicant who is appearing for the BPSC exam has to have a Bachelor’s degree in any relevant course from a recognized university. Any applicant below this qualification cannot appear for the exam.

How many attempts are there for the BPSC exam?
Currently, the Bihar Public Service Commission allows the candidates with four attempts in different competitive examinations to the students from the general category. The male applicants of EBC and OBC get five attempts, whereas females get six attempts. There is no limit of attempts for the candidates of SC and ST.

Can the student write the BPSC exam in English?
Just like the UPSC exam, BPSC also comprises of a qualifying paper of General Hindi which is 100 marks. The languages for writing the exam can be chosen from a different language such as Hindi, English, or Urdu.

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