Best Books of Anthropology Optional For UPSC Exam

Anthropology Optional Book List for Civil Services

Other than main subjects you have to select one optional if you are preparing for IAS exam. Anthropology is an optional subject, here we are discussing the anthropology books for different topics with the author name.


1) Cultural Anthropology by Carol R. Ember & Melvin R. Ember- View More 

2) Unique Anthropology Simplified for UPSC By Vivek Bhasme- View More 

3) Physical Anthropology by P. Nath- View More

4) An Introduction to Social Anthropology by D.N.Majumdar & T. N. Madan- View More

5) The Tribal Culture of India by L. P. Vidyarthi- View More

6) Tribal India by Nadeem Hasnain- View More

7) Indian Anthropology By Nadeem Hasnain- View More 

8) Human Biology by G. A. Harrison- View More

9) An outline of Indian prehistory by D. K. Bhattacharya- View More

10) Other Cultures by John Beattie- View More

11) Introduction to anthropology by William A. Haviland- View More

12) Physical anthropology and human genetics by B. R. K. SHUKLA- View More 

13) An introduction to physical anthropology by Stein & Rowe- View More 

14) Modernization Of Indian Traditions by Yogendra Singh- View More 


The syllabus got drastically changed, although we have added the list according to the updated syllabus. The anthropology is divided into two paper, you should keep yourself updated. Anthropology is best and safest optional subject to choose, if you are biology student then it’s great to choose anthropology.

Here is the paper-wise list of best books for anthropology optional:-


PartBook nameAuthor nameDetail
Part- 1Other culturesBeattie

These books are informative and coherent in their approach and cover almost every topic of UPSC civil services

Examination. You can refer these books to score good marks in IAS exam 2018 anthropology optional subject.

An introduction to anthropologyBeals and Hoijer
An introduction to anthropologyHaviland
Economy and social relationsVaid
An introduction to social cultural anthropologyU S Mishra
Part – 2Human biologyHarisson et. al

These books covers topics like human genetics, origin of man and physical anthropology. These books are good to prepare for anthropology optional for UPSC examination.

Physical anthropology and human geneticsShukla &Rastogi
An introduction to physical anthropologyStein & Rowe
Origins of manB. Janusch


PartBook nameAuthor nameDetail
Indian society, social changeNCERT book

Start reading these books as you finish preliminary and prepare the notes, no need to search for new content. These books are good, you can cover almost each topic according to the syllabus of UPSC civil services exam.

An outline of Indian prehistoryBhattacharya
Caste in India and other essaysSrinivas
Social change in modern Indiasrinivas
Modernization of Indian traditionY. singh



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