Who Is The Best Teacher And What Is The Best Faculty For Anthropology

While there are many teachers in India for helping students with Anthropology for UPSC preparation, Anthropology by Pradip Sarkar Sir from Sapiens IAS Delhi is highly reputed. If you are a UPSC aspirant with Anthropology optional, you must consider him for the following reasons:

Extensive & Strategic Study Material

Sapiens IAS was established by Pradip Sir in 2007 and since then there have been many changes in the patterns and course of UPSC, so while other teachers have not formulated new teaching methods, and upgraded their course material, here you will find latest updated comprehensive course material. Another thing that is appreciable about the course material is that it is very well-formed, it is braced with an all-inclusive topic that is in the Anthropology syllabus for UPSC. They also provide good knowledge and insight on each to help students gain a deeper understanding and command over the subject.


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Offline and Online Classes 

You can choose to take video lectures on anthropology by Pradip Sarkar Sir online and offline as per your convenience and preference. His online and offline courses are very beneficial for students where they have the convenience to interact with him in class or over live sessions. He keenly attends to student’s queries and resolves them with to help the student establish a simplified understanding of even the complex topics to help them recognize them always. He holds a very interactive session and encourages active participation from students.

Best IAS Coaching in India for Anthropology Optional

Flexibility to Choose as per Required 

A student can choose to join the course for 100 days or 6 months are per their need. This customization gives students the flexibility they have always needed to get better results from coaching. Students can also choose to upscale their class if they feel they might be more benefitted from a longer course. 



Available Test Series 

Online and offline test series has helped many students to improve their performance. A lot of students face challenges during the actual test, as they are in much pressure, but with regular practice, they are able to get past their fears and thus are able to gain max leverage from their regular test of knowledge.

Practice Assignment 

Pradip Sir provides regular assignments to the students that are compulsory to be submitted on time, after evaluation, he will provide his valuable feedback with appropriate input to help a student grow. This way, the continuous improvement of a student can be recorded.

Where Can I Find the Best Teacher for Anthropology Optional at Delhi?

Full-fledged Coaching 

You can seek from Pradip Sir in every way while preparing for UPSC mains, not just subject-wise but also with regards to learning about the technicalities of writing the paper, how to manage the time, how to prepare the big exam, etc.


The adopt the right approach to teach students that allow them to focus on key factors of writing a UPSC paper that is Facts, Framing and Flow by keeping in mind a sense of organization, coordination, decision making, formulation of skills, and communication.

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